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Somali kids, Starving!

Somali kids, starving!  Have you seen their pictures on TV?  Heart wrenching.  Neglected orphans in Romania, Afghan girls denied education, Asian kids [...]

Somali kids, Starving! 2011-07-31T22:18:32+00:00

Plan this vacation trip?

Nah! We’ll just start driving and see where we end up. On the other hand, maybe we better have a plan.  God [...]

Plan this vacation trip? 2011-07-05T13:07:52+00:00

This is Crazy

This is crazy—using the HIV/AIDS epidemic to bring two huge Christian Ethiopian denominations together who have fought each other for 100 years! [...]

This is Crazy 2017-08-15T12:18:20+00:00

Comments on the conference

From Christina, 23 years old I want to say how absolutely blessed I was by the conference. There were so many life-changing [...]

Comments on the conference 2010-10-16T09:01:22+00:00

Conference Schedule

Welcome to our 5th Anniversary conference! The conference will be held at Westminster Chapel in Bellevue9 (13646 NE 24th Street, Bellevue, WA [...]

Conference Schedule 2010-10-06T14:48:34+00:00

Dr. Emerson E. Falls Speaker

Dr. Emerson E. Falls - Pastor, Glorieta Baptist Church, Oklahoma City, OK, and President of the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma. Dr. [...]

Dr. Emerson E. Falls Speaker 2010-10-06T14:48:54+00:00

Kumar Swamy Speaker

Kumar Swamy, who followed Christ out of a Hindu background, joined OM India for a three-month project in 1973, and re-joined long [...]

Kumar Swamy Speaker 2010-05-20T10:41:47+00:00