Children’s Program

Children K-Grade 6 are offered their own sessions during the Missions Fest Seattle conference. The children’s program consists of activities and presentations geared for their level to teach them about missions. We encourage parents to attend and enjoy the conference but please keep in mind that the children’s program is not babysitting–parents must be onsite.

Children’s Program K-6th Grade

Room 211 – Parents must be in attendance at the conference.

Saturday afternoon we are planning a bazaar at the church and we would like the kids to attend. Join us at Westminster Chapel and bring your kids along to experience Missions Fest Seattle–it will be an unforgettable event!

Jesus didn’t say, “Pray the Lord of the harvest to send forth adults.” God calls children – let’s put them where God can speak to them – Missions Fest Seattle children’s program is a great start!

Heather Ewald,
Chair, Children’s Program
MFS Children’s Flyer

Children’s Schedule

FRIDAY 6:30-9pm (includes a  flag parade)

Through stories, games and other fun activities, Ramona Cantu of CEF will present a challenge for the kids to be involved with those around them.

SATURDAY 9:15-11am

Anita Nelson wants to answer the question of how a Bible translator goes into a new area, learns the language and then translates the Bible into that new language. Through activities we’ll learn how. -Mark Schau er gets kids involved in projects that bene t overseas kids. Come help out!

SATURDAY 1:45-5:15pm

Tom & Debbie Maxie spend their time on the Coastal Messenger, a 52 foot ship used exclusively for the advancement of the Gospel on the coasts of British Columbia, Washington, and Alaska. -Jackelyn Chilson will teach through crafts &/or interactive activity and leave some time for answering questions or playing a game. -Laura Kost wants to present an interactive experience for kids to help them understand what life might be like for kids living on the streets in Kenya. -The Arabic Bazaar we are sponsoring will give kids an idea of what it’s like to shop in a foreign setting!

SATURDAY 6:45-9pm

Ruth Chow will show how God created many di erent cultures and how we can embrace them using Bible sharing, PowerPoint presentations and activities. -With stories, illustrations and activities, Angela Brandle will present “I’m on God’s Team”.

Friday October 7

Evening 6:30pm-9pm

Friday evening will be hosted by Child Evangelism Fellowship (;

CEF is the largest mission reaching children and they work in almost every country of the world. They have a number of unique ministries which have proven to be effective tools in our effort to evangelize and disciple children. They will offer an exciting Bible story, mission story, games, snacks, and singing.


Saturday October 8

Morning 9:15am-11am | Afternoon 1:45pm-5:15pm | Evening 6:45pm-9pm

Angela Brandle and Mark Schauffler will be returning Saturday to speak to the kids. Other presenters include Anita Nelson, Tom and Debbie Maxie, and Jackelyn Chilson. Our speakers work overseas with children and on ships. There will be a variety of activities that include videos, hands on experiences, crafts, games, music, stories, snacks, prizes – all mission focused. Our goal is to reach children’s hearts and challenge them to be involved in the harvest.