Conflict—international or religious, political & personal

Conflict—international or religious, political and personal.  It’s everywhere and never ends.  Jesus experienced it.  Despite his love for his enemies, they took his life.  Paul for his sharing of the good news, nearly died from stoning.  Jesus followers today experience conflict, sometimes life threatening outside the U.S., or more subtle here.  If we’re his, we’re in a battle.  Not with each other, or Muslims whom God loves, but as Paul wrote, “against the powers of this dark world…”

How do you handle it?  Are danger and opportunity opposite sides of the same coin?  Can God turn the lemons of conflict into lemonade?  Russell Stendal, a prisoner of the Lord, and the Colombian guerillas, found a way to return to that same jungle with the message of God’s love.  How can the Lord help you turn your conflict into eternal treasure?  Stendal will be sharing his journey in October.

Russell Stendal is speaking Saturday afternoon 2:15-3:30.