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2017 Seminars

  • (BAM) Business as Mission

  • (CP) Church Planting – Local and Global

  • (MUS) Engaging Muslims for Christ

  • (COM) Engaging My Community

  • (PREP) Getting From Here to There

  • (REV) Mission, Prayer, and Revival

  • (MC) Missionary Care – How and Why

  • (OMT) Other Mission Topics

Friday, 4:00 to 5:00

I Come in Peace: Befriending the Aliens Among Us
(COM), Room 208
Dr. Matt Tallman
This seminar looks at the strategic opportunity of reaching immigrant populations by looking at one successful model of reaching Somalian immigrants in Kenya and examining some of the local and global opportunities currently available.

How to “Make Disciples As I’m Going” Matthew 28:19
(OMT), Room 223AB
Heather Ewald
The world starts at our doorstep, and grows as we move outside our door. Do you want to make an eternal difference, but aren’t sure how? Come explore that together.
Igniting Your Church for Missions
(OMT), Children’s Theater
Steve Weemes
How deep is your missions impact as a church? This workshop will explore ways to mobilize your members and deepen your commitment to unreached people groups.

Short Term Trips: Breaking Down Barriers Between Christians & Muslims
(MUS), High School Room
Melissa Kelley
Hear how a Short-Term trip serving Muslim refugees in Italy leads to breaking down the barriers of fear & distrust between Christians & Muslims.

No Seminary, No Problem
(PREP), Room 304ABC
Kent Reimer
Can God use you in transforming our world? We’ll discover some creative ways God is using people of all backgrounds. Then you will have the opportunity to ask yourself: ‘Could God use me that way?’

Search and Rescue: The One Lost Sheep
(OMT), Room 307
Doug Aaron
Eventually, each one of us befriends, or even passes by, someone struggling with addiction. What can we learn from the Gospels about how to build these relationships for God’s kingdom?

Collaborative Church Planting
(CP), Room 310AB
Nathan Hawkins
How does Jesus’ prayer in John 17 apply to church planting? Kingdom over castles for Gospel saturation; kingdom expansion; church multiplication.
Church-based Community Development and Neighborhood Outreach
(COM), Room 311AB
Rev. Steve Bury and Glenn McCray
God has placed our churches in neighborhoods that are complex and diverse. We’ll explore models of community development and outreach that address needs and mobilize assets in reaching our world.

Movements: Extraordinary Prayer Leads to Faith-Filled Action
(COM), (REV), Choir Room
Jason Hubbard
Learn and practice praying with faith from God’s Purpose, Character, Reputation and Promises (from His Word). First of five simple steps for multiplying generations of reproducing disciples.

Friday, 5:30 to 6:30

Loving Your Neighbor: Surprise! It’s NOT What You Think
(COM), Room 208
David Sanford
Is it enough to be a nice, loving Christian? Nope. While “loving Christian” is essential, “nice” is NOT a big enough word for what Jesus has in mind!

Training Fishers of Men, Following Christ’s Example
(OMT), Room 210A
Paul and Jean Goodner
Jesus is recorded twenty times as saying “Follow me.” This command started a movement of Christ followers. We want to follow Christ (Mt 4:19; Mk 1:17), in loving obedience (Jn 14:15) to train others (Mt 28:19–20).

Business:  A Means for Mission or a Mission?
(BAM), Room 210B
Dr. Al Erisman
Is business simply a means to carry out mission?  Can business itself advance the Kingdom as an integral part of mission?  We will investigate God’s call for business in carrying out the full mandate of Matthew 28.

Reimagine Missions and the Oath of Helpers
(OMT), Room 221
Jesse Crock
This seminar will equip us with better tools to engage mission and ministry in meaningful ways and to identify and correct toxic charity practices by taking the Oath of Helpers.
Helping Indigenous African Christians to Reach Their Communities for Christ.
(OMT), Room 222AB
Howard Johns
Learn how to partner with indigenous West African Christians in achieving their goals of evangelism, discipleship, church planting, and Christian education.

The Impact of Evolution on Ethics
(OMT), Room 223AB
Dr. Heinz Lycklama
Evolutionism, in supplanting theism, is having a significant impact on our postmodern culture in ethics. We present the results of this and show how the church can combat this today.

Why Christian Classical Education for Africa?
(OMT), Children’s Theater
Annie Somers and David Pederson
It is not enough to share the Gospel. Jesus said to make disciples. Learn how to build
a biblical worldview in the hearts and minds of Africans.

Understanding Islam and Sharing Jesus with Muslims
(MUS), High School Room
Rev. Milad Nakhla
Islam is not only a religion. How can I share Jesus with Muslims? What does the Quran say about Jesus? How can I use the Quran and the Bible to share Jesus with Muslims?

Revival: Don’t Leave Home Without It
(Rev), Room 303
Dr. Alec Rowlands
Before He ascended into heaven, Jesus told the disciples, “Don’t leave Jerusalem, but wait for the promise of the Father…” (Acts 1:4). That promise was the overwhelming presence and power of God. Prayer and the promise still go hand-in-hand. Don’t leave home without it.

Mission-Minded Families
(OMT), Room 307
Ann Dunagan
You’ll be encouraged and equipped with practical ideas as Ann shares her passion for global needs and God’s Great Commission. Learn how your family can live for God’s worldwide purposes, with spiritual depth, radical obedience, and unmistakable, contagious joy!

Combining Cutting-Edge Missions Strategy and Church Planting
(CP), Room 310AB
Strat Goodhue
Are your church’s missions efforts strategic? How many churches are you planting? Join us for an interactive seminar exploring the most strategic efforts in making disciples of all nations.

Pre-evangelism to Evangelism. What Does the Process Look Like?
(COM), Room 311AB
Liz Godwin
Pre-Evangelism to evangelism: what does the journey look like? Reaching the whole person as well as using doctrinal elements in order to move people along to faith. What foundations need to be laid before you present the Gospel?

Movements: Questions that Can Lead to Exploring Scripture Together
(COM), Choir Room
Susan Burbank
Learn and practice simple, enjoyable questions that open spiritual conversation and lead to exploring the Bible. Second of five simple steps for multiplying generations of reproducing disciples.

Saturday, 11:00 to noon

I Was in Prison and You Visited Me (Matthew 25:36)
(COM), Room 208
Kristin Duarte
Hear how Jesus Christ is impacting the hearts and lives of incarcerated men, women and youth, and their families through Kairos Prison Ministry, leading them to become loving and productive citizens of their communities.

Imani Milele Children
(OMT), Room 210A
Olivia Nabulime
Imani Milele Children is Rescuing, Educating and Developing orphaned and vulnerable children from some of Uganda’s poorest and remotest communities, teaching them the love of Jesus Christ and providing them with the hope of a brighter future.

How God Uses Business and Other Professions to Build his Kingdom
(BAM), Room 210B
Larry Sharp
As the world changes, God is using professional people more and more to demonstrate His Gospel to the unreached of the world – both at home and abroad.

Joining God’s Worldwide Movement of Multiplying Disciples to Christ.
(OMT), Room 221
Bruce Ingram
Do you want to grow in your influence for Christ? Let’s all be a part of God’s worldwide movement of multiplying disciples to Christ, making God’s glory known to everyone.

Working with Syrian and Iraqi Refugees in Lebanon: A Personal Reflection
(OMT), Room 222AB
Dr. Naji Abi-Hashem
Sharing from my personal experience and observation about ministries to a wide range of refugees and migrants who have flooded Lebanon, and about working with many caregivers and church volunteers who are faithfully and sacrificially serving them.

Persecution – Have You Considered the Cost of Following Jesus?
(OMT), Room 223AB
Ramon Barboa
Be inspired by our faith-filled persecuted brothers and sisters around the world. How can you pray for them? What do their remarkable stories teach us about a God whose light shines in a dark world?

Catching the Coming Wave of Creatives in Missions
(OMT), Children’s Theater
Tim Cowley
Overseas projects are finding they need creatives like never before to help produce media, promote projects to media-savvy partners and run social media campaigns to find people of peace.

Lead with Love, Beyond Fear & Stereotypes to Reach Muslims Living in Our Communities
(MUS), High School Room
Tass Saada and Farah Saada Marvil
Tass and Farah will discuss the basics of Islam and cross cultural understanding to equip participants with confidence and knowledge to reach out to Muslims. You’ll learn proven methods to build bridges with Muslims neighbors.

The Whatcom Story
(REV), Room 303
Jeremy Schweder
Hear how the Day2Pray prayer strategy has united churches of Whatcom County in focused prayer and action. Over the past 9 years, this has resulted in salvations, church unity, and specific answers to prayer.

How to Speak When You’re Not a Speaker
(PREP), Room 304ABC
Rebecca Stuhlmiller
Like it or not, a call to missions is a call to effective public speaking. In this seminar learn how to prepare and present an engaging talk for any audience.

Protecting the Great Commission of Jesus Against Our Culture
(OMT), Room 307
Dr. Dave Beine
What is religious ethnocentrism and how do we protect against it in missions today? Come join Moody professor of Intercultural Studies as he discusses the impact of our culture upon missions.

Loving Others to Change the World – Stopping the Fear Dance
(MC), Room 309
Rev.Steve Alsup and Jack Rozell
Relationships sometimes get caught in a dance of fear. God invites us to a dance of love.

Strategic Approach to Planting Churches Globally
(CP), Room 310AB
Dr. John Wagenveld
Dr. Wagenveld has traveled in 100 countries to teach on strategic processes for planting healthy churches. He will share strategies that enable local leaders to plant churches in their communities.

Neighbors From the Nations: the Church’s Role in Loving Refugees
(COM), Room 311AB
Tim Uthmann
The church cannot talk about ‘Community Engagement’ without considering refugees, our displaced neighbors from distant nations. We will discuss the church’s role in refugee recovery, transactional crisis, and toward active relational engagement.

Movements: Share Hope/Testimony/Gospel in Ten Minutes or Less
(COM), Choir Room
Bryant Jones
Learn/practice a simple, enjoyable, reproducible process for inviting others to join you in following Christ. One of five simple steps toward producing multiple generations of reproducing disciples.

Mentoring a Millennial
(MC), Fireside Room
Dr. Larrie Gardner
Millennials are coming and they are different! How do we understand them and help them fit into a mission scene compatibly and utilize their unique strengths?

Saturday, 12:30 to 1:30

Recidivism: Causes and What We Can Do To Help Prevent It!
(COM), Room 208
John Thaler-Sanborn
The base causes of recidivism and how ministries in the community might reduce the rates of recidivism. We will discuss several of the programs that we and other ministries have been using to help with this reduction.

Sex Trafficking: Fighting 21st Century Slavery (in Spanish, with translation)
(OMT), Room 210A
Antonio and Maria
How do young girls from Central Africa end up as sex slaves in the streets of Malaga, Spain?
Hear the tragic story and how one couple is transforming tragedy into hope. Due to content, this seminar is for mature audiences only.

How to Become a G Corporation®
(BAM), Room 210B
Julaine Smith
Learn how to transform the purpose for business. Connect your spiritual calling with your business purpose and become a G Corporation: a purpose-driven business owner who makes profits for purposes beyond profits.

How to Evangelize with a Story-Formed Worldview
(OMT), Room 221
Derek Hiebert
Whatever your culture, religion or worldview, you live everyday life based on a story. This story shapes your beliefs. Come learn to engage people through a story-formed worldview.

The Moral Conundrum of the Refugee Problem
(OMT), Room 222AB
Dennis Wiens
You hear of the registered refugees, many more unregistered, millions of internally displaced peoples, growing numbers of economic migrants, with multiple humanitarian crises that demand our attention. “What would Jesus do?”

Walking Humbly Together: The Art and Practice of Cross-cultural Copowerment
(OMT), Room 223AB
Lisa San-Martin
Cross-cultural projects often struggle with unforeseen disenfranchisement of local efforts. What does it look like to share power – to both give and receive – in contexts of need? We’ll explore this dynamic as it applies to education, social enterprise, and other projects.

Darlene Deibler Rose, A Story of God’s Faithfulness
(OMT), Children’s Theater
Susie Boer
Darlene Deibler Rose was taken as POW by Japanese during WW2. She survived by always remembering God’s promises. Susie Boer presents the story as Darlene in a late 1940’s setting.

Engaging Muslim Women
(MUS), High School Room
Farah Saada Marvil and Karen Saada
We will explore the importance of reaching Muslim women in any country, how it can be done in the context of their environment, and their important contribution to the strategy of reaching other Muslim women.

Praying for Missionaries
(REV), Room 303
Steve Weemes
Interactive, interesting, and intense prayer for missionaries should be the norm in our churches. Let’s learn how to make this happen and to practice what we learn.

Top Ten Ways to Do Missions as a Second Career
(PREP), Room 304ABC
Don and Myrna Hines
Got skills? Experience? God can use you to reach the nations here and abroad. Learn from “second career” missionaries how to use your “first career” for eternal impact in missions.

Learning to Be Missional from the Persecuted Church
(OMT), Room 307
Carlos Calderon
We will discuss how partnerships with the global church that is reaching the unreached there can show us how to reach the unreached here.

Loving Your MK to Transform the World
(MC), Room 309
Rev. James Conn and Steve Alsup
MKs (missionary kids) face challenges in their lives overseas and in adjustment upon return to the US. This seminar is designed for missionaries, MKs, and those who care about missionaries.

The Organic Church Planting Movement in the Arab World
(CP), Room 310AB
Dr. Maz
Church Planting & Development Egypt (CPDE) started 2001 with a vision to plant 300,000 churches in 22 Arab countries with a total population of 400 million people, with 8% mostly nominal traditional Christians. Hear how it is working.

Movements: Lead Meetings that Disciple Others to Win and Disciple
(COM), Choir Room
Darby Kruger
Learn and practice a simple, enjoyable, reproducible pattern for leading groups that empower participants to multiply. Fourth of 5 simple steps for multiplying generations of reproducing disciples.

The Healing Power of Listening
(MC), Fireside Room
Lynn Paulsen
“Be quick to listen” is possibly the most violated command in Scripture. Our hearts long to connect, to be known AND loved. But there’s a price; thus we say pay attention.

Saturday, 4:00 to 5:00

Seven Excellent Reasons to Trust the Bible
(COM), Room 208
Dr. Tom Hoyle
This live and colorful digital program is for almost anyone–and includes fascinating, faith-building evidences from science, history, fulfilled prophesy, psychology, internal integrity, and much more. Q&A welcome.

Top 10 Secrets for Effective Mission Storytelling
(OMT), Room 210A
Beau Chevassus
Learn how to communicate your ministry to the masses. See examples & tips from the founder of Knok Studio, a nonprofit charity studio that produces film for other ministries around the globe.

Charity, Sustainability and Development in Africa and the Caribbean
(OMT), Room 210B
Cheryl Cuthbertson and Alice Williams
There is a new tension in church missions that challenges the traditional concepts of aid and charity. The solution to alleviating poverty is not necessarily a question of ‘either or’ but the collaboration of ‘and.’

Managing Donations to Missionaries & Ministries
(OMT), Room 221
John Taylor
Missionaries and Ministries, do you need your own 501(c)(3)?  Churches, is administering contributions a hassle? The alternative is managing and distributing donations—from donor to ministry bank account. Find out how.
Power of Forgiveness (Based on Life Testimony)
(OMT), Room 222AB
Dr. Setan A. Lee
Without forgiveness we do not have power to move forward. Setan will share his testimony of surviving the infamous Killing Fields of Cambodia and Christ’s call to return.

Developing Cross-Cultural Intelligence
(OMT), Room 223AB
Patty Fleming
Understanding other cultures can be a challenge. Patty will give you tools to engage more effectively across cultures with your neighbors, international students, co-workers, and/or during mission trips.

A Thriving Church for Every People
(CP), Children’s Theater
Mike Klontz
Is it enough to teach oral Bible stories or translate God’s word into written form, or should missionaries be committed to seeing a healthy functioning church established in every people group?

Engaging Muslims Through Media Ministry (2 hour panel discussion)
(MUS), High School Room
Panelists: Richard Berghammer, Mike Bond, Mark Lori-Amini, Pastor Shohrat. Moderator: Chuck Olmstead

Prayer – Foundation and Power for Mission
(REV), Room 303
Keith Hook
Scripture shows us that prayer is to be the foundation and power for mission. We will look at the why and how of this gift and the abundance of resources available.

Leading a Horse to Water: What Do You Actually Do?
(PREP), Room 304ABC
Leslie Aaron
Do your programs actually make a difference? Do you know how to find out? In this interactive seminar you will learn how to discover the outcomes of your efforts.

Growing Young – Working With Millenials
(OMT), Room 307
Keegan Lenker
6 Essential Strategies to Help Young People Discover and Love Your Church. This is based on a study done by the Fuller Youth Institute.

Preparing Your Heart to Transform the World – Trauma Readiness
(MC), Room 309
Jack Rozell and Erlene Johnson
Trauma: a normal human response to abnormal events. This seminar focuses on ways to prepare your heart to deal with personal trauma and help those who are traumatized.

Develop, Empower, Release Nationals in Church Planting
(CP), Room 310AB
Lisa Nishimura
As foreign missionaries, our impact is limited by many factors, so how can we invest in developing, empowering and releasing nationals to church plant for long lasting effectiveness?

The Art of Neighboring
(COM), Room 311AB
Jay Pathak
What is the most loving thing I can do for the people who live right next door? Do you know your neighbors? Do you know their needs? Learn The Art of Neighboring with one of the co-authors of the book by that name.

Movements: Start Discovery Bible Studies that Multiply Disciples and Churches
(COM), Choir Room
Richard Clarke
Learn/practice a simple, enjoyable, reproducible way to facilitate Bible studies taught by the Holy Spirit. Fifth of five simple steps for multiplying generations of reproducing disciples.

Complexity and Concerns Regarding Missionary Care
(MC), Fireside Room
Larrie Gardner
The changing face of a new generation of workers, changing receptor cultures, and changing milieu–what’s the broad impact of that and how can the church help?

Saturday, 5:30 to 6:30

CatnDog Theology – Training the Reached to Reach the Unreached.
(COM), Room 208
Dr. Gerald Robison
Your grandfather’s mission committee won’t reach every tongue, tribe and nation. New motivations, goals and strategies are needed. “Unto the ends of the earth until the end of the age.”

The Importance of Story
(OMT), Room 210A
Spencer MacCuish
The best way to love someone is to learn their story. This seminar explores the need to know how and where God’s story intersects with culture’s story.

Nations Here and There: Bridges Between Diasporas and Homeland Populations
(OMT), Room 222AB
Darrell Dorr
What are the strategic connections between population segments here and there, and within reached peoples and unreached peoples? How might we best discern, utilize bridges and creatively respond?

Encountering Culture
(OMT), Room 223AB
Ruth Chow
Come find out what’s inside of us that can help or hinder our cross-cultural relationships.

Secret Weapons For Witnessing to Mormons
(OMT), Children’s Theater
Mark Champneys
Learn how to share your faith with Mormons, whether here or around the world, using methods tested on the streets of Utah—from an ex-Mormon Christian evangelist.

Discerning Your Calling
(PREP), Room 304ABC
Emily Branch
An interactive session where we will examine how God has been preparing you, through background and experiences, for a unique role in fulfilling the call to make disciples.

Let the Grey Heads Arise
(OMT), Room 307
Doug Nichols
Seniors can share the Gospel and disciple others. There are 6,000 ministry opportunities available with more than 200 mission agencies, all which can be filled by older people!

Not How I Planned It; Dealing with Unmet Expectations in Ministry
(MC), Room 309
Greg Petrie
We go into missions with expectations. Many times, however, our experience does not meet our expectations, and we may be tempted to be frustrated, discouraged, and even to give up. How do we not only survive, but thrive amidst unmet expectations?

Engaging Buddhists
(COM), Room 311AB
Mr. Kei Nakamura
Buddhism, known for its peaceful ways, is growing and influencing America. Many Buddhists believe their way is like all others, if not better. Is it?

Practical Ways to Befriend Refugees & Immigrants
(COM), Choir Room
Tim Cowley
Using case studies from Portland, learn how Christians are finding ways to get to know “New Portlanders” through conversation around food and a book club. Easy to replicate anywhere.

Round Table Discussion on Missionary Care
(MC), Fireside Room
Facilitators: Kristin Bohreer, Sue Dils, Larrie Gardner
The local church approach to missionary care varies widely. Come share your experience and learn from others on how to best support our missionaries. The local church, its missionaries and their families all benefit from Christ-centered, wise and consistent care before, during and after a mission trip or term.