2018 Seminars


JUS Social Justice
LOC Local Church Missions
MC Missionary Care
P & D Preparation & Discipleship
PER The Persecuted Church

MUS Muslim Outreach OMT Other Mission Topics
SCA Scatter
KEYNOTE Keynote Speakers Seminars
YOU God Working in & Through Youth
OMT Other Mission Topics

FRIDAY, 4:00 TO 5:00

Discerning Your Calling
(OMT), Room 426 | Emily Branch
In a world where we can go nearly anywhere it is important to take the time to discern God’s specific leading. We will look at the strengths, abilities, and passions God has created in us to help in discerning where He may be leading.

Women in Missions
(OMT), Room 130 | Angela Brandle
For the last two centuries women have outnumbered men in missions by 2 to 1. A look at the reasons for this, the incredible things God has accomplished through women, the reasons why women still have a strategic role to play in missions including the state of unreached women in the world today and opportunities for today’s women.

Do What You Love to Fight What You Hate (in Spanish and English)
(JUS), Room 420 | Konnie Drews and Antonio
Have you ever considered that riding a bicycle could be Kingdom work? Nine cyclists traveled to Spain and did just that as we used something we love, cycling, to fight something we hate, sex trafficking. We partnered with an organization that is fighting sex trafficking on the frontlines by bringing love, hope and freedom to the girls on the streets.

Offering Your Past to Reach the Lost
(P & D), Room 311 | Julie Lowe
At 22, Julie received a calling to be a “Kingdom Class Musician.” However, there was a lot more involved than music training before this prophecy could be fulfilled…

Around the Corner – Around the World
(YOU), Room 425 | Kaitie Newcomb
Teach children to have a heart and value for missions, locally and globally.

Finding & Landing a Job in a Global Market
(SCA), Room 600 (Fireside) | Salli Varney
This seminar will identify the global opportunities available for professionals, the best ways to prepare and secure a global job, and the tools and services available to help you along the way.

Three Pastors Walk into a Room…
(LOC), Room 505 | Aaron Williams
Kindred is a story of three pastors and their desire to reflect the multiethnic family of God in tangible ways. We are committed to breaking down walls and building bridges. The church is a little bit of Heaven on Earth. It’s time we started reflecting that reality now.

Avoid Saying “OOPS” When Doing Missions: For Anyone Going “Overseas.”
(OMT), Room 315 | Richard Wilson
Why say, “Oops?” Let’s connect around the question, “What do I really need to do before I go?” Exchanging ideas about: Call, Experience, Education, Decision, Preparation, Agencies, and Goodbye.

FRIDAY, 5:30 to 6:30

Caring for Others and for Ourselves Especially When Serving on the Front Lines
(PER), Room 415 | Dr. Naji Abi-Hashem
We will discuss the challenges and rewards of ministry, and how cross-cultural workers can avoid burnout while helping those in need. Practical suggestions for coping and survival will be presented for both the care-giver and care-receiver.

Reaching the Poor in Hard Places
(MUS), Room 500, Student Center | Carla Davis
Discover how Community Health Evangelism (CHE) can be used to reach physical and spiritual needs in Muslim communities. Learn how our extraordinary God can use ordinary skills and people for His glory.

Scatter the Good Seed Every Day, Everywhere
(OMT), Room 317 | Heather Ewald
Every day we encounter people who may not know Jesus. We’ll look at many different and simple ways to spread thought-provoking eternal seed. Come learn how to scatter seed effectively.

A Transformational Response to Homelessness
(LOC), Room 505 | Melissa Gehrig
As Christ-followers, do we see the humanity in the homeless? Dialogue with us about the impact of faith-based organizations that, by addressing the root causes of homelessness, provide personal interventions necessary for long-term recovery and independence.

Rooted & Grounded: Your Identity in Christ as the Foundation of Missions
(OMT), Room 130 | Joe Gober
Before we can even begin to consider bringing the message of Christ to the unreached, we must learn to live rooted and grounded in our true identity in Him.

Preparing Our Youth for Missions
(YOU), Room 425 | Dr. Heinz Lycklama
More than 60% of our youth leave The Faith when they go to college. To be effective in missions they need answers for their hard questions and to learn how to defend their faith. Here’s how.

World Missions: How God is Using Students and Young Professionals
(YOU), Room 426 | Andy Minch
Wycliffe missionary Andy Minch will share stories about the many service opportunities available today. You will be amazed at the way God is working and how He can use you!

Language and Support: Mastering These Concerns in Missions Preparation
(P & D), Room 311 | Don and Ele Parrott
In a recent survey the two greatest concerns for those considering missions were: Support Raising and Language Learning. We’ll present practical resources and helpful ideas.

Church Planting & Development Egypt
(OMT), Room 424 | Samuel Ramzy
Millions of nominal Christians in the Middle East can be the most significant harvest force in the region for reaching all Arabic peoples with the Hope of the Gospel.  To mobilize them with renewed faith and zeal is the vision of Church Planting & Development Egypt (CPDE). The CPDE mission is to help reach the Arab World for Jesus by stimulating self-sustaining, indigenous church-planting movements in Egypt and across the region by planting healthy and reproducing churches.

Pursuing Healthy Relationships in a Scattered World
(MC), Room 421 | Dr. Jack Rozell and Steve Alsup
Fear is a key detriment to the development of healthy relationships. This seminar brings understanding to the movements of the dance of fear and promotes an alternative…a dance of love.

Courageous Conversations: Unity in the Body of Christ!
(JUS), Room 420 | Dr. Andre Sims
In light of the increasing national divide our country is facing and intensifying racial tensions as we are bombarded daily with news of Charlottesville, Starbucks, and the Antifa movement, the church needs a safe place to unpack these issues. The world is abuzz with talks of diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice. How can we break down our own inherent biases, foster unity in the Body of Christ, and live as modeled in the Godhead within our own sphere of influence? It all has to start with a frank, honest, and vulnerable conversation among the people of God. Let’s talk…

Real Stories of Vocation as Mission
(SCA), Room 600, Fireside Room | Salli Varney
Come and hear how God is using individuals – just like you – who have dedicated their skills, gifts, and talents to make an eternal impact on those who have not yet heard the name of Jesus.

SATURDAY, 9:30 to 10:45

Don’t Journey Alone- Importance of Community in Missions
(LOC), Room 505 | Emily Branch
We will dive into the role of the church and community in sending. What role should your faith community play in the discerning of your calling? Whom has God placed in your life to give you guidance and support?

Traumatized and Away from Home Alone: Lost or found?
(YOU), Room 425 | Angela Brandle
Whether fleeing war, famine, persecution or simply looking for a better life, the world is on the move and it is far from a pleasure cruise. For some, stripped of their money and valuables before or along the way, the only remaining personal possession is their phone, their only link to friends and family that have not been killed. Unable to practice their professions, and with no control over their destination and future, the outlook seems bleak. Why would God allow this? How God is turning despair into hope and why we cannot ignore what He is doing.

God’s Word Scattered Abroad Via Player-Radios
(OMT), Room 317 | Heather Ewald
A small fixed-tuned, solar-powered radio with a Bible player can reach people that we can’t. It’s a foreign missionary that doesn’t need food or clothes. Over 4,000 languages with parts of the Bible are available to be uploaded on to it. God is reaching the illiterate! Come rejoice with us.

Engaging Across Cultures
(OMT), Room 424 | Patty Fleming
Engaging with your co-worker, your neighborhood, or across the world can be a lot of fun but also can be frustrating. Learn some basic skills to bridge these cultural gaps.

Preparing for Battle: The Reality of Spiritual Warfare
(P & D), Room 311 | Joe Gober
Our world is broken by sin. And while there is a biblical reality to spiritual warfare, Scripture tells us “do not fear.” So how do we prepare for battle?

China and the Church Today, Ongoing Challenges and Victories
(PER), Room 415 | Don and Myrna Hines
How is China’s ever-changing political climate affecting its Church?  What are its victories and challenges?  Join us as we share updates and firsthand reports from China.

Seven MORE Excellent Reasons to Trust the Bible!
(OMT), Room 426 | Dr. Tom Hoyle
This lively and colorful presentation explores even more exciting evidences for the Word of God, including archaeological, medical, textual, comparative, and much more. Great for witnessing, teaching, and discipling.

The Roles of a Discipler
(P & D), Room 314 | Ginny Jensen
This interactive workshop will explore the different roles one takes when discipling others. Understanding each role and discerning when to use it is key to effective discipleship.

Preparing for Trauma in the Scattered World
(MC), Room 421 | Erlene Johnson and Dr. Jack Rozell
Trauma is a normal human response to abnormal events. This seminar focuses on ways to prepare your heart to deal with personal trauma and help those who are traumatized.

Outreach to Muslims with Truth and Love
(MUS), Room 500 | Mark Lori-Amini
The Lord has called me to reach out to Muslims for such a time as this (Esther 4:14). I can share with them in truth and love and make them disciples.

What I learned as a Bible translator
(OMT), Room 315 | Andy Minch
The story of a Wycliffe missionary in PNG, the Solomon Islands, and Fiji. Andy brings his experience as an international administrator and missiologist and will share stories about God’s work!

Seeking Shalom for Communities: Theology of Work and Holistic Mission
(JUS), Room 420 | Lisa San Martin
How does the way we compartmentalize sacred vs. spiritual activities affect mission efforts? Can a more nuanced theology of work lead to better outcomes in missions and development projects?

Taking Your Vocation to the Nations
(Keynote), Room 600, Fireside | Andrew Scott
Dive deeper into God’s purpose and design, the global trends we cannot ignore, and the practical, next steps of how professionals can launch into marketplaces where Jesus is less known.

Planting Healthy Churches Globally
(OMT), Room 130 | Dr. John Wagenveld
Dr. Wagenveld has traveled in 110 countries to teach on strategic processes for planting healthy churches. He will share strategies that enable local leaders to plant churches in their communities.

SATURDAY, 1:15 to 2:30

TCKs Scattered throughout the World with Purpose
(MC), Room 421 | Steve Alsup
The life challenges of Third Culture Kids (TCKs) prepare them for meaningful impact in the world. This seminar speaks to the world of Third Culture Kids.

Getting Real: Discussing Real-Life Difficulties of Living and Working in Another Culture
(OMT) Room 318 | Jeff Boesel
This seminar will consider real-life scenarios of cross-cultural living and ministry and will discuss how to better prepare for living them for effective impact.

Communicating with Other Cultures
(OMT), Room 424 | Willy Brandle
Willy has lived and worked in many different cultures during his long missionary career. He shares pointers to recognize and cross barriers of cultural difference, whether you are traveling in another country, or relating to an international neighbor.

Rescuing the Oppressed, Defending the Fatherless, Pleading for the Widow
(JUS), Room 420 | David Burnett
The world’s poor suffer violent injustice. God hates it and has a plan for stopping it: The Church. Learn how your church can become a “Restorer of Streets to Dwell In.”

Leading Your Congregation in Mission
(LOC), Room 317 | Chris Gough
What does it mean to be “In the world but not of it?” How does it apply to the Christian call to “Go and make disciples?” Considering theologian Leslie Newbigin’s thoughts and the work of the Gospel and our culture network, we will unpack the biblical foundations of leading people in mission and will focus on the unique relationships between: the Gospel, the church, & the culture.

How to Use Story in 21st Century Discipleship and Evangelism
(P & D), Room 311 | Derek Hiebert
Story is a current trend in culture. God has revealed himself and his mission primarily through story. Learn how to use the powerful strategy of story for discipleship and evangelism.

Joining God’s Worldwide Movement of Multiplying Disciples to Christ
(LOC), Room 505 | Bruce Ingram
Do you want to grow in your influence for Christ? Let’s all be a part of God’s worldwide movement of multiplying disciples of Christ, making God’s glory known to everyone.

Fear or Faith – Embracing International Missions
(P & D), Room 314 | Melissa Kelley
Learn about how small steps of obedience lead to serving God with humility. Focus on things you can do now to get ready for short-term and long term overseas service.

Engaging on the Edge
(OMT), Room 315 | Mike Klontz
How can we see a thriving, mature church for every people? Are oral Bible stories or translating God’s Word into written form enough? Or are North American missionaries even needed?

Why The Bible is Unique
(YOU), Room 425 | Dr. Heinz Lycklama
The Bible is like none of the 300+ “holy” books in the world. It provides many sound evidences and convincing proofs of God’s Word in history, prophecy, archaeology, and science.

Reversing America’s Massive Decline In Missions Sending
(Keynote), Room 600, Fireside Room | Fred Markert
America is now in Late Decadence, the final stage before civilizational collapse. Even the Church has been impacted. Missions sending has declined to the point that we’ve now lost 32% of the American missions force. Here’s what we need to do to reverse both the decline of our civilization and the resulting decline in missions sending — especially to the Unreached.

Understanding Islam and Sharing Jesus with Muslims
(MUS), Room 500, Student Center | Rev. Milad Nakhla
This seminar will help you to understand Islam and the Muslim culture and identity. You will learn how to effectively share Jesus with Muslims, what the Quran says about Jesus, and how you can use the Quran and the Bible to share Jesus with Muslims.

Historic and Current Christian Persecution
(PER), Room 415 | Matthew Tallman
This seminar offers a brief historical overview of Christian persecution and martyrdom while focusing on persecution in the 21st century and how we should respond as believers.

Managing Donations to Missionaries & Ministries
(OMT), Room 319 | John Taylor
Missionaries and Ministries, do you really need your own 501(c)(3)? The alternative: Mission Dispatch manages and distributes donations for active Christian missions, ministries and humanitarian efforts throughout the world. We provide monthly accounting services and year-end summaries for all donors. We also offer temporary 501(c)(3) status for developing ministries until pending IRS status is approved. Clean. Simple. Easy. Legal.

A Strategy to Connect with Spiritually Resistant People
(OMT), Room 426 | John Whitehouse
Receive an overview of a strategy helpful in connecting spiritually with resistant people using the new JESUS film app and short film.

SATURDAY, 5:00 to 6:15

Making the Local Church Relevant to Today’s Youth
(YOU), Room 425 | Stephen Couldry
How you can reach out to the single-parent inner-city children and how to connect them to the local church, lead them to Jesus Christ and help them grow in their new life.

God’s View of Global Missions
(OMT), Room 317 | Paul Goodner
God’s mandate is missions; it is accurate to see a missionary purpose from the entire Bible. It teaches us to know God and his salvation, become disciples of Him and teach others everywhere to do the same.

Top Ten Ways to Do Missions as a Second Career
(P & D), Room 311 | Don and Myrna Hines
Got skills? Experience? God can use you to reach the nations here and abroad. Learn from “second career” missionaries how to use “first career” experience and skills for eternal impact.

Communicating Across Cultures
(Keynote), Room 600, Fireside Room | Erin Jones
Communicating across cultures, whether locally or overseas, has always been a challenge. Erin will discuss some of the work she’s been doing with churches and schools regarding culturally-responsive practices. It will be just a taste, an introduction with lots of interaction.

Reaching the Unreached in Communist, Buddhist, Hindu & Muslim Countries
(OMT), Room 426 | Mike Maksimowicz
Find out how to effectively preach the Gospel and train/equip local evangelists and pastors to reach their unreached countrymen in challenging and sometimes hostile times.

Making a Difference: Sharing Your Time, Talent and Treasure!
(OMT), Room 318 | Bill Marsh
This workshop helps participants find out how to make intentional choices around generosity that align with their values. They will identify the values that are most important to them, explore ways to share resources to make a difference and create a generosity plan.

Hope for Troubled Black Youth
(JUS), Room 420 | Rick Newell
Rick is a white guy who traded a career in technology for a career in the inner city. On the journey the gospel took root in him and he found hope.

How to Discover Your Best Pathways into Missions
(P & D), Room 314 | Don and Ele Parrott
With the wide scope of ways to serve in missions, what is an appropriate pathway for you: Education, Medical, Business As Mission, Church Planting, Children’s Ministry…or ???

Reaching Out & Church Planting in the Muslim World
(MUS), Room 500, Student Center | Samuel Ramzy
God is doing a great, beautiful work in The Muslim world right now as has not happened since Islam began 1400 years ago. Hear how God has prepared that great harvest, what God is doing in the Muslim world now and how to be part of this work God is doing in the Muslim world in the USA and the Middle East?

How to Train Your Church Attenders to be Ready to Share the Gospel Clearly
(LOC), Room 505 | Deborah Rowe
Come hear about an opportunity to reach the kids in your neighborhood and learn fun ways to teach your church attenders how to share the Gospel clearly.

Finishing Well as Servants to the Scattered World
(MC), Room 421 | Dr. Jack Rozell and the MRI Team
Premature attrition thwarts the purpose to carry out God’s mission to the world. This seminar provides solutions to unrealistic expectations, unhealthy relationships, unresolved background issues, and unproductive life/coping skills.

How to Speak When You’re Not a Speaker
(OMT), Room 315 | Rebecca Stuhlmiller
In this practical seminar you will learn step-by-step how to prepare and present an engaging talk of any length and find the audience who needs to hear it.

Impacting the Least Reached Places Through the Persecuted Church
(PER), Room 415 | Jay Todd
Come and learn how you can impact some of the least reached lands and peoples, where often Western missionaries are not allowed — via persecuted believers bravely making Christ known in hostile lands.

Reach Your World Through the “JESUS Film”
(OMT), Room 319 | John Whitehouse
Learn why the JESUS Film is used by over 1500 mission organizations around the World; now in 1600 languages. Receive training on how to use the new JESUS film app.

Using Computer Coding and Robotics to Engage Students in Bible Stories
(OMT), Room 424 | Dr. Will Yeo
Is your church interested in using technology to engage the next generation? The mission of Kingdom Coding, a division in the Community Church of Seattle, is to help K-12 students engage in Bible stories with computer coding and robotics. Come and learn how your church might use the lessons learned from this church’s four years of hosting these programs for churches and for mission outreach.