2024 FAQs for Seminar Presenters

The purpose of Missions Fest Seattle is to glorify God by raising the awareness of mission activity within Christ’s body of believers and by uniting and empowering members of local congregations to work together in obedience to the Great Commission. (Matthew 28:19-20)

Where and when is Missions Fest Seattle 2024?

This two-day missions conference will be held on October 18-19, 2024 at Highlands Community Church, 3031 NE 10th St., Renton, WA. Seminar applications are due by June 15, 2024.

At the church, where do seminar presenters (and exhibitors) check-in?

Check-in will be on the lower level of the church through the entrance to the Family Life Center on the south side of the building. The large parking lot is adjacent to this entrance

What are the goals of seminars at MFS?

The goals of seminars at MFS are the same as for the overall conference. Those of Missions Fest Seattle are: To excite attenders about being on mission with the Lord; to inform, enable and encourage people to be active for the Lord in missions everywhere; and to glorify God in and through all of this.

When should seminar presenters arrive?

We hope you will be interested in attending most, if not all, of the conference, but you will need to arrive at least one hour prior to the start of your seminar, to give you time to sign in, pick up your room assignment and other materials, and familiarize yourself with the facility and your seminar room.

Who is my contact for seminar questions or special needs?

Suzi Haugen is the Seminars Coordinator. The easiest contact is via email: The email address is MFSSeminars@gmail.com

What if my agency also wants to apply for exhibitor space?

Exhibitor application information is on the website. If you have any questions please contact khook@missionsfestseatttle.org

How long is each seminar?

Seminars are 1 hour in length. Please allow ample time (10-15 minutes) for questions and discussion within that hour. We know you have much to share but attendees will remember more and respond better if they have the opportunity to interact and ask questions. Please vacate your room quickly after your seminar to allow the next presenter time to set up for his/her presentation. You can always continue your conversations outside of your seminar room.

Do I need to bring equipment for my seminar presentation?

Yes. Please arrange to bring your own laptop, projector and extension cord. We will provide screens or a projectable wall in your room. If you are not able to bring your own equipment, we will try to have borrowed equipment for you if you make your request by August 15 via email to MFSSeminars@gmail.com

Do I need to provide outlines or materials for those attending my seminar?

Handouts are highly encouraged. Seminar attendees typically appreciate having brief printed information to review and pray over later. Average seminar attendance is about 35 attendees, so handouts for 35 should be adequate. Printing and copying seminar handouts are the responsibility of the seminar presenter. This needs to be done in advance of MFS since these services are not available to us on site.

Will someone be available to help with logistics or equipment in my seminar room?

Please check your room as early as possible before your seminar, so you can assess what assistance you anticipate. We have a few tech people who can help, but not one assigned to each room. Check at the Seminar/Exhibitor table in the foyer.


Volunteer hosts: We typically don’t have enough volunteers to “host” seminars, so, if you can provide your own family member, friend or colleague to host your seminar, that would help you with passing out your materials, evaluation forms, checking that the recorder is on, keeping track of time, and gathering evaluation forms at the end of the seminar. Completed evaluation forms can be left in your seminar room or turned in at the Seminar/Exhibitor table in the foyer.

Why are the seminars recorded?

This year, as in prior years, we will be recording each of the seminars. These recordings are not reproduced or distributed. The seminars are recorded and the recordings are maintained solely for the legal protection of Missions Fest Seattle, should any questions arise about the content of any seminar. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns about this.

Can I present more than one seminar?

You may submit up to three seminar applications, but, because of space and time limitations, most presenters are accepted for only one seminar. Seminars are selected based on how many applications we receive, how well your proposed seminar fits with our theme and goals, and to achieve a good balance of seminar content.

What can I do to encourage attendance at my seminar?

There are several ways to encourage interest in and attendance at your seminar:

Invite all your contacts in your social networks;
Bring your friends, family and people who go to your church;
Make your seminar title and description exciting. Be creative! (Most people attend specific seminars because of what is written in the program).
Offer a freebie for those who attend and write it in your seminar summary (last year, one seminar presenter gave out his new book).

When is the application due?

The due date for seminar applications is June 15, 2024.