Welcome Letter

Welcome to Missions Fest Seattle 2022

I am not sure we can ever fully understand Jesus’ final words on the cross, “My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?” Jesus did something that none of us will ever have to go through… he was alone.
For those few moments before his death when he hung on the cross he experienced complete isolation from God and man.


We think of the empty tomb as a conquest over sin and death, which it certainly is, but Jesus describes this victory in a way that reveals why he went through such immeasurable suffering in the first place: “I am with you always.”


We can never understand his final words because we will never be alone. He is with us…. always! In our darkness, our suffering, and even in persecution, he is with us. In our prayers we affirm his presence in our lives and his activity in the world. It is his presence that gives us the courage we need to walk faithfully through the life he gave us, and to extend his presence, as members of his body, to a world trapped by the great lie that we are unloved and alone.


At Mission’s Fest this year we gather with one another with a shared mission to bring this great message of hope to the corners of the earth! We gather to encourage one another, discover new ministry opportunities, worship together, reconnect with colleagues, hear great seminar presentations, and unpack “Persecution, Prayer, and Courage” in our general sessions.


I am excited to welcome you all to the 2022 Mission’s Fest Seattle Conference, an amazing gathering of people who welcome His presence, and walk in faith to bring and be that presence to a hurting and broken world. I look forward to seeing you at Missions Fest Seattle. Don’t miss it!


Chris Gough
Saturate the Sound
2022 Conference Chairman