Church Partnership

Participate in Missions Fest Seattle

Missions Fest is an exciting development within the evangelical church throughout North America. Many churches and Christians are coming together to celebrate the progress of the gospel throughout the world, and to become more effective participants. Missions Fest began in 1983 in Vancouver, B.C., and spread throughout Canada. It is beginning to gain momentum in America.

The Benefit of Partnering Together

The purpose of Missions Fest is to help each church excel in carrying out its missions program. Whether your church has a denominational focus, interdenominational cooperation, or a mix, it is the local church that has the responsibility to bring the gospel in word and deed to the world.

Together we can help Seattle area Christians become World Christians in a way that we cannot do alone. Dozens of mission agencies, working in many regions and undertaking different types of outreach, will provide a panoramic view of missions at their exhibits and through seminars. The assemblies and youth rallies will challenge us all towards committed involvement in Christ’s great mission.

While all the Missions Fests help each other and follow similar principles, each is run independently and under the leadership of local sponsoring churches. Your church is invited to become a partnering church for Missions Fest Seattle (MFS). The impact brought to the Church within the greater Seattle area is dependent on participation by the local churches.

How Can My Church Get Involved?

Your church can participate as a Partnering Church! If your church would like to be a Sponsoring church, please fill out the SponsoringChurchForm and return it to the address on the form.

A Pastor’s Perspective Video

Want to hear a pastor’s perspective regarding Missions Fest? Watch this 10 minute interview with Aaron Cyboron, missions pastor at Westgate Chapel in Edmonds. You’ll  learn how Missions Fest can be a blessing to your church, regardless of size.


New To MFS? Need More Information?

If you would like more information or perhaps someone to visit your church or one of its committees to explain this opportunity in greater detail, please contact us at