2023 Seminar Schedule


ATW Missions Around the World
EVN Evangelism
GOM God on the Move
MMD Making Maturing Disciples

PRA Prayer
TSK Completing the Task
OTH Other



FRIDAY, NOV 3, 4:00 to 6:30 and SATURDAY, NOV 4, 9:30 to 4:00


From Home to Home, by World Relief, Rooms UC 303
From Home to Home is an experiential exhibit that builds understanding around the crisis of forced displacement and refugee resettlement. The exhibit puts you in the shoes of refugees and others who have been forced to leave home, and walks you through the challenges of resettlement in the United States. Come learn about displacement, build greater empathy, and explore ways to walk alongside your refugee neighbors. Ages: 12 and up.


FRIDAY, NOV 3, 4:00 TO 6:30


4:00 to 6:00, Networking—God Working Among the Diaspora (a 2 hour gathering)
(ATW), Room UC206
Svein Bjorge, facilitating
The Power of Prayer: The Unstoppable Kingdom. A time of fellowship with internationals living in the Pacific Northwest. Hear how the Lord is at work in their homelands and the diaspora communities they serve. A glimpse into counting the cost to follow Christ.


FRIDAY, NOV 3, 4:00 TO 5:00


The Primary Ingredients to Complete the Task
(TSK), Room UC208
Gregory Crawford
Greg will provide an effective proven model that works efficiently with even the smallest or largest congregation. If you and your leadership want to move out and put the cause of completing the task at the core of what you actually do as church, this workshop will give you the tools to do exactly this.


1,2,3 Jesus Loves Me
(EVN), Room UC125
Deborah Rowe
A popular and very practical class giving you the tools to easily and effectively share the message of salvation with children, providing them the opportunity to accept the Gospel for themselves.


Building and Managing a 24 Hour Prayer Chain, PLUS
(PRA), Room UC226
Mark Schaufler
Utilizing 24 hour prayer chains and prayer walks have always been a key part of our mission work. Thousands have participated in them and seen change and been changed themselves.


How to Speak When You’re Not a Speaker
(OTH), Room UC324
Rebecca Stuhlmiller
In this practical, biblically based, step-by-step workshop for beginners, you will learn how to find an audience and build a speaking ministry; prepare an effective message for any size audience and any length of time; and deliver an engaging talk that listeners will remember.


International Prison Ministry- Taking the World for Christ, One Cell at a Time
(MMD), Room UC225
Greg Von Tobel
International prison ministry is overlooked by many missiologists, church mission pastors, & church planters. There are 196 countries on this planet. They all have prisons. Most prisons have a thriving church. Prison ministry is a gold mine for evangelists as well as a disciple maker’s dream. Learn how to penetrate these foreign prisons.


FRIDAY, NOV 3, 5:30 TO 6:30


Planning Meeting for Church Partners
Room UC205
If you are or want to be a MFS Church Partner, come to a meeting to discuss the 2024 Missions Fest Seattle.


Completing the Task Through US Leadership
(TSK), Room UC208
Dave Arden and Ed White
You will learn the vision and commitment required to become a global ambassador serving the persecuted church.


Intimacy with God – A Prerequisite for Fruitful Service
(PRA), Room UC323
Angela Brandle
We may be smart, qualified, busy. Our strategies are carefully laid. Many vital needs and opportunities create pressure. Success in meeting them creates more opportunities and more pressure. We work smarter, but if we neglect a basic, God-designed principle, our work and our souls suffer. Pointers to developing intimacy with God and fruitfulness.


For Liberty and Justice for All
(ATW), Room UC324
Katie Gallaher
Did you know that there is still slavery in the 21 st century? This seminar will help attendees, ages 12 and
up, to learn about the injustice of human trafficking around the world.


Abandonment, Assurance and Authority
(TSK), Room UC207
Dana Gamble
Steps needed to enable the completion of the task: Abandonment of the way we have always done it to the way that Jesus did it. Assurance that following The Commission is in line with the examples that Jesus left for us. Authority is that given to disciples to complete the task, so that what they are sharing is authentic and authorized.


Agape Lifestyle: Choosing A Better Way
(MMD), Room UC226
Rev. Erlene Johnson and Les Welk
Fulfilling my calling and pursuit of discipleship wears me out if I do it out of obligation. If I do it out of a sense of love, it energizes me. We’ll talk about what it looks like to live in agape love moment by moment. The implications for everyday life and for missions will be explored.


Don’t Plan Your Life. Prepare it for God’s Plan.
(MMD), Room UC225
Dr. Dan Lloyd
The Apostle Paul wanted to take the gospel into Asia, but God said, “No” (Acts 16). When you learn how and why God did this, you will also understand how God prepares you for His plan, rather than your plan, for your life and ministry.


Missional Nomads – NextGen Tentmakers
(ATW), Room UC209/10
Ari Rocklin
Missional Nomads travel the world while intentionally seeking to make disciples. They use telecommunication technologies to earn a living and conduct their life in a nomadic manner. ?As they go, they desire to live missionally and seek to make disciples.?


From The Recipient Perspective: Short-Term Missions and Relationships
(ATW), Room S150
Lisa San Martin
Come and discuss how to structure your short-term mission trips and programs around what is best for the recipients, rather than the travelers. We’ll look at principles and perspectives gathered from team hosts around the world in the book Re-imagining Short-Term Missions.


Evangelism for the Fainthearted
(EVN), Room UC125
Dr. Floyd Schneider
How to approach the subject of reading the Bible with an unsaved friend, and how to read with them.


Least of the Least of These – Ministry to Children with Intellectual Disabilities
(ATW), Room UC325/26
Gary Shavey
In developing areas like Lusaka, Zambia, children with intellectual disabilities have little or no access to the critical care, facilities, and support that they need to thrive. Kids who have disabilities are often left marginalized and vulnerable, without a community of support, and families who are unsure how to care for their children.


FRIDAY, NOV 3, 4:00 to 6:30 and SATURDAY, NOV 4, 9:30 to 4:00


From Home to Home, by World Relief, Rooms UC 303
From Home to Home is an experiential exhibit that builds understanding around the crisis of forced displacement and refugee resettlement. The exhibit puts you in the shoes of refugees and others who have been forced to leave home, and walks you through the challenges of resettlement in the United States. Come learn about displacement, build greater empathy, and explore ways to walk alongside your refugee neighbors. Ages: 12 and up.


SATURDAY, NOV 4, 9:30 TO 10:30


Mobilizing the Next Generation for Mission
(MMD), Room UC105
Aaron and Anna
Barna’s research on the future of missions says that although Gen Z is more likely to be skeptical about past mission endeavors, half of committed Christian young people say they are willing to go if God calls them. How does the baton get passed to the next generation? Discussion, Q + A, and testimonies from young people who are committed to Jesus’ mission on earth.


Impact of Worldview, Ideology, & Globalization on our Cultural Work and Service
(ATW), Room UC209/10
Dr. Naji Abi-Hashem
Understanding the role of ideologies & mindsets (in ourselves & others) is crucial for successful ministry. Cultural competency and balanced worldview are essential for all. Caregivers need to deal with the impact of globalization, migration, social polarization-radicalization, and face such rising challenges with discernment, courage & creativity.


Gospel Conversations in Puget Sound
(OTH), Room UC325/26
Evan and Kathryn Burton
Join Evan Burton, Strategic Coordinator for Seattle Metro with e3 Partners, and his wife Kathryn, to learn more about what it looks like to be on mission in Seattle. Be equipped with simple tools and principles that they have found to be fruitful in starting gospel conversations in Puget Sound.


You Fit in TODAY!
(EVN) Room UC125
Heather Ewald
Every day is a day you can know you have a place to fit in in God’s Kingdom. There are people all around you who need to know the Lord. Find out how you can impact someone today. Take home lots of ideas and materials to help you get started! Don’t wait until tomorrow – there’s no guarantee you will be given another day!


Identity, Perspective, and Position
(MMD), Room UC226
Neil Gamble
This seminar is about how our “Identity” changes what and how we hear. It establishes responsibility in our relationship with Christ. Identity changes our “perspective,” which results in a fresh obedience to our “position” in Christ. These two aspects change our response to Christ which results in us walking our position out in our daily living.


God is on the Move & so are His People
(GOM), Room S140
Sam George
God has given us the command to “Go and make disciples of all nations,” meaning we are to be on the move, to take the initiative. But let’s not forget that God is also on the move. He is the great initiator. Sam will share this perspective from over 2000 years of history and how it applies today with many movements of people all over the world, including in the Northwest.


The Back Door to Evangelism
(EVN), Room UC207
Mic McDaniel and Michael Eash
Imagine you’re working in a country where only 2% are Christians. Your 6-month training course consisting of 98% unbelievers is so popular it has a 1-year waitlist. Your team has free reign to model Christianity and share the Gospel message unhindered. Many become seekers and want to keep in touch after the course and a number become Christians.


Diversity – The Strength of the Body of Christ
(TSK), Room S150
Lisa Pak
Diversity–in ethnicity, culture, personality, skills, passions–is built into the Kingdom of God. Even when He called out Abraham, God’s purpose always included the whole of humankind, all nations and people groups. Israel was blessed to be a blessing. Now, under the New Covenant through Christ Jesus and in today’s world of globalization, travel, and mass communication and digital connections, why and how should the Church leverage the resources that God has given to us for the completion of the task?


Finding Doors to the Unreached
(MMD), Room UC323
Nelson Reed and Steve KIng
“Where Do I Fit?” It’s not whether or not there is a fit! It’s understanding how God has uniquely made you, then joining Him, perhaps among the unreached! Come hear stories about people doing just that in Nigeria & elsewhere. We’ll discuss opportunities. Begin praying for & envisioning a fit for you!


Preparing to go as a tentmaker in today’s world
(OTH), Room UC324
Ari Rocklin
Many believers have considered missions but have not figured out how to get there or do not consider themselves worthy. Raising support is daunting and the process can take years. Come hear how you can work abroad and make disciples, without raising support.


Fire Starters: Reaching Souls in the Dark
(ATW), Room UC106
S. Sharp and Devon Blais
Previous missionary models are no longer effective in an age of skepticism, technology and heightened post-modern beliefs. How do non-traditional missions, and a multi-cultural transformation, allow the church to propel the organic fire of the Holy Spirit to those who have never heard the Gospel?


Before You Apply: what to know about missions so you don’t get fired
(ATW), Room UC206
Rebecca Stuhlmiller
Serving in overseas missions is an exciting adventure, but unless you know what you’re getting into, it can become a traumatic experience. In this workshop you’ll hear my (short) story and learn how to set yourself up for a successful and sustainable time on the field.


Finding Rest in Chaotic Times
(MMD), Room UC225
Rev. Les Welk
Undoubtedly, we live in some of the most uncertain times in our lifetime and perhaps in the course of human history. This presents special challenges, and peace can seem elusive. How would my perspective by adjusted if I could truly embrace the idea that God is at work and I can be at rest?


Mobilizing Your Church for Missions: Some Go, But We Are All Called!
(TSK), Room UC208
Derek Wong
Your church has a unique role in the Kingdom. You’re called to be a blessing to the nations. You’re leading your people to fulfill this great task. But we know it isn’t easy! Learn how to overcome barriers to activating your congregation for God’s global mission and to cultivate a culture of sending while shepherding and discipling your flock.


SATURDAY, NOV 4, 1:30 TO 2:30


Reducing ethnic violence in Nigeria: Schools for nomadic Muslim families’ kids
(ATW), Room UC125
Steve King and Nelson Reed
Violence & murder in Nigeria between Fulani herders and farmers, like that between American settlers and Indians in the 1800’s. Seasonal Fulani movements cause conflicts with farmers, and prevent Fulani kids’ education. Schools For Africa: permanent Fulani rotational cattle grazing preserves with schools for Fulani and farmers’ kids, thus permanent Fulani homes.


New Approach to Discipling High Schoolers
(MMD), Room UC226
Angela Brandle
A new approach to discipling high schoolers has been launched successfully in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The speaker came to the Lord and was discipled through the same approach in the U.K. This is a model that can be replicated anywhere. The speaker will explain what it takes.


Peacebuilding in Mission
(ATW), Room UC325/26
Dr. Greg Burch and Karen Fancher
As followers of Jesus we are called to participate in His redemptive purposes in the world. Thus we seek to foster restoration of “shalom” — peace with God, self, others and God’s good creation. Peacebuilding is an integral aspect of our witness in a complex and fractured world.


Discipleship Among the Middle East Population
(GOM), Room S150
Voula Champeridou-Antouan
In 2015, thousands from the Middle East were passing into Greece. The Holy Spirit was in control. There was an open door of discipleship among people that until recently had no access to a Bible. We came to understand that we had built a Christian world which was not understandable by people who hadn’t heard about the Gospel, and we learned to depend more on the Holy Spirit.


Developing and Implementing an Effective Plan to Complete the Task
(TSK), Room UC208
Gregory Crawford
If you’re more than tired of latching on to the current “flavor of the month,” or more than tired of competing with other churches for attendance, better youth programs, the finest music, or just trying to make payroll, you’re in the right place. I promise this workshop will inspire outlook change and sharpen the true vision God will give you!


Revival Starts With Us
(GOM), Room UC106
Scott Dudley
How God is working in one congregation to spark spiritual renewal and growth using lessons from the global church.


Using Social Media Tools for Evangelism = 1 Million+ Reached, 2017-2022
(GOM), Room, UC105
Sean Dunn
Groundwire utilizes the digital world to direct youth to Christ. The key is to interrupt one’s life to give seekers a few moments to think of eternal matters. Since 2017, over 1 million professions of faith have been recorded through Groundwire’s “Trained Coaches,” who guide this process electronically, answering seekers’ questions via Biblical context. Come and see what’s involved.


Meal Packing Events – Not Just Another Handout
(ATW), Room UC323
Andrea Krook
With degrees like ministry, law, and nursing, children from the Muslim nation of Sierra Leone are becoming Christian professionals who are changing their nation. For many, it starts with a meal. Learn how to activate all ages for global missions through Meal Packing Events, where all food ships to Sierra Leonean children. This workshop is hands-on.


The Harvest Is Now!
(EVN), UC207
Mike Maksimowicz
There are over 3 billion people who have not adequately heard the Gospel. Every second a person dies without the Gospel. “Therefore ask the Lord of the harvest to send workers into His harvest field” (Matt. 9:38). Come learn how you can be involved in this end-time harvest of souls through prayer, technology, teaching, preaching, and serving.


What Does Bible Translation Look Like?
(ATW), Room UC324
Gordon Peet
This exercise uses an invented language and asks you to translate John 3:16 from English to Arubic. Doing so will give you a better idea of what Bible translators face and enable you to pray for them more efficiently. It will also help you understand why our English translations can look so different.


God on the Move in Whatcom County
(GOM), Room S140
Bill Richardson
Bill Richardson is the Director of Light of the World Prayer Center in Bellingham and he will share how God is at work through prayer in the schools, through uniting the local church in prayer with pastors, and through prayer with our local Native American brothers and sisters from the Nooksack and Lummi tribes.


Ministering to the Largest Minority Group in the World
(ATW), Room UC206
Gary Shavey
The largest minority group in the world is those with physical and/or intellectual disabilities. How are we reaching this minority group and what can we do to minister to them? Hear how Special Hope Network is creating a community for children with intellectual disabilities and for families in the slums of Lusaka, Zambia.


Church planting and Bible college planting inside foreign prisons
(MMD), Room UC225
Greg Von Tobel
Church planting inside foreign prisons is overlooked by church planters. Learn the A-Z’s of planting a church inside a foreign prison or how to start a Bible college inside a foreign prison. Each participant will receive one of two free books authored by Mr. Von Tobel on the subject matter.


SATURDAY, NOV 4, 3:00 TO 4:00


The Amazing Greats: Exploring Motives for Carrying Out the Great Commission
(EVN), Room UC125
Steve Alsup
A fresh examination of the amazingly great statements that we have come to know as the Great Commission, the Great Commandment, and the Great Invitation. This workshop will focus on connecting and personalizing those in a fresh way.


Completing the Task in Hostile or Restricted Nations
(TSK), Room UC208
Dave Arden and Ed White
Strategies for developing leadership for revival in multiplying disciple making movements within the persecuted church.


Reaching Non-readers With their First Puzzle Piece
(ATW), Room UC206
Kevin and Lynn Baker
Solar powered radios and audio Bibles are the means we use to invite non-literate people around the world to come to Christ and to find where they fit in in God’s puzzle. Over 80% of the world needs to hear the Gospel in audio form – those are the ones we want to reach – the least reached. Come learn more and join us in prayer for effective outreach.


How To Pick a Sending Agency
(ATW), Room UC105
Jeff Boesel
One of the most important decisions a mission worker makes is which sending agency fits them best. Discover how to narrow the field and come to a final decision simply, based on who you are, what you need, and the agency ethos.


Ten Great Reasons to Trust in God’s Existence!
(OTH), Room UC325/26
Dr. Tom Hoyle
Excellent for witnessing! This live and colorful presentation explores evidences such as the origin of the conscience, design in the universe, the nature of miracles, providential history, answered prayer, remarkable testimonies, and much more! For middle school to adult ages!


Discipling Your Congregation Through Missions
(ATW), Room UC323
Andrea Krook
Through this engaging workshop, learn how to create a robust missions program that draws your church closer to Christ. This seminar will provide recommended steps for integrating Biblically-based discipleship into a healthy missions program that honors the global communities being served.


Generational Connections in the Local Church
(OTH), Room UC106
Keegan Lenker
With the continual trend of declining church attendance, especially among the younger generations, leaders are searching for ways to develop healthy ministries. This workshop will focus on the power of generational connections in the local church, using research from Fuller Youth Institute, and practical ways to apply the research in your own context.


The Heart of the Great Commission
(MMD), Room UC225
Dr. Dan Lloyd
What does it mean to make disciples, and how is that done? The Great Commission answers both of these questions with one imperative (command) and three participles (applications).


The South Asia Frontier – You’re Fit To Fit In
(EVN), Room UC207
Rev. Ken Lotze and Shawn Wright
South Asia is home to nearly three quarters of today’s least-reached “frontier” people groups. Both geographically and culturally these people seem “out of reach.”. They’re not! You can have a vital part in God’s work, strategically spending yourself for God’s glory among these 1.3 billion people.


Congo Peace: Bringing Peace, Prosperity, and Jesus’ Reconciling Love to the DRC (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
(ATW), Room UC209/10
Alexis Ruhumuriza and Dean Wagner
Congo Peace seeks to educate ethical, entrepreneurial leaders in Congo; to create leaders who possess compassion and courage to transform conflict through the example of Jesus; and to propel an African renaissance — starting in our small corner of the continent.


Understanding the War in Ukraine: History, Hope, and Opportunity
(ATW), Room S150
Lisa San Martin
Have you been following along with the Russia-Ukraine war in the news, but you’d like to go a little deeper, and perhaps find some hope? Lisa will delve into the history of the crisis – both spiritual and material – and shed some light on both the immediate and long-term needs and opportunities. You’ll also get to try some Ukrainian treats.


Making Disciples in a Busy World
(MMD), Room UC226
Mark Schaufler
This is our calling and practical steps will be laid out so it can be systematically accomplished. Without a plan it will never be accomplished. This can launch you down the path of making disciples in a busy world.


Reaching the Most Resistant People Group for Jesus
(ATW), Room S140
Jewish People have been the most resistant people group to reach for Jesus historically, but it will not stay that way forever! Expect in this seminar: causes for Jewish resistance to Jesus, principles for overcoming those barriers, and what the future of Jewish ministry looks like.


Discover Your Design for Kingdom Work
(OTH), Room UC324
Jon and Pat Sween
We will discuss the Biblical pattern for discovering your kingdom fit and will hear about a Gap year program for young adults ages 18 to 22.