Seminar Schedule


ART: Art in Missions
BRG: Bridging the Cultural Divide
INT: Intercultural Missions
DIS: Making Disciples

PER: The Persecuted Church
TECH: Technology & Missions
OMT: Other Mission Topics

FRI, 4:00-5:00


Communication Across Cultures
(INT), Room 421
Willy Brandle
Drawing on his experience as a pioneer linguist in an unreached people group, Willy explains some of the challenges of Bible translation and communication in cultures that are very different from our own or those of Bible times.


Time to Start your Outreach: Here and Now
(OMT), Room 311
Heather Ewald
Missions isn’t in the future for you – it’s for now – how do you develop a passion to reach the lost? How do you start? Practical ideas for a jump start.


Around the Corner – Around the World
(OMT), Room 314
Kaitie Newcomb
Practical tools and tips for how to teach children to have a heart for missions.


Faith Under Fire
(PER), Room 500, Student Center
“Yesterday they burned our Church…Today we Worship.” Hear examples of overcoming faith, perseverance and forgiveness. Overcomers’ sacrifices, courage and joy are examples of the Lord working around the world.


For the Sent & the Senders: Got a Maintenance Plan?
(OMT), Room 424
Ann Robertson
Missionary life is exciting, fulfilling — and stressful. Relational challenges and burnout are real threats to workers’ effectiveness. Explore practical ways senders and sent can promote workers’ spiritual and emotional vibrancy.


Missional (Digital) Nomad Lifestyle
(OMT), Room 425
Ari Rocklin
Digital Nomads do their mission work remotely while traveling the world. What if you add Jesus to the mix and seek to make disciples at the same time? Missional Nomads, a new trend in mission – find out how.


Evangelism for the Fainthearted
(OMT), Room 315
Dr. Floyd Schneider
Let’s use Jesus’ method of finding seekers and then introduce them to the book that the Holy Spirit uses to convict them of their sins.
Free Gift: copy of the latest edition of my book.


Each in Their Own Language
(OMT), Room 317
Matthew Wicker
Come learn about the exciting work God is doing through the global Bible Translation movement to bring His good news to each in their own language.


Passing on Your Passion: Developing & Sharing Your Mission’s Heart
(OMT), Room 420
Laura Wilson
This interactive seminar is an opportunity to explore and experience a few ways to grow our heart for the world and encourage others to do the same. Great for leaders!


Staying the Course in a Harsh Environment
(OMT), Room 318
Nancy Zoolkoski
This seminar will include an interactive discussion to identify the things that zap our energy on the mission field, and finding solutions that provide sustainability.


FRI, 5:30-6:30


Website Provides 3 Levels of Blessing for a Fragmented Muslim Nation
(TECH), Room 424
Ben I. Aram
The New Life website provides a wide variety of resources. Correspondence relationships with some website visitors deepen Gospel understanding. Some visitors desire linkage with local Christians, giving opportunity to become part of a local church.


Could There Be a Bible in Every Language by 2025?
(OMT), Room 425
Stan Feener
In the past, translating a Bible into a new language took 20 to 30 years. This seminar will introduce Wycliffe Associates’ recently-designed accelerated translation method that can produce a native tongue version of the New Testament within 24 months.


A Faith-Based Response to Homelessness
(OMT), Room 420
Melissa Gehrig and Sarah ButlerWills
As Christ-followers, do we see the humanity in the homeless? Dialogue with us about the impact of a faith-based approach to address trauma and the root causes of homelessness and to provide personal interventions necessary for long-term recovery and independence.


Global Missions – Serving Where Most Needed
(OMT), Room 318
Paul and Jean Goodner
God’s mandate is missions and it is accurate to see a missionary purpose from the entire Bible. It teaches us to know God and his salvation, become disciples of Him and teach others everywhere to do the same. Thus, expanding that knowledge through biblical ministry is necessary throughout the world, especially after considering Matt. 28:18-20 and Acts 1:8.


China: Oppression & Opportunity
(PER), Room 500, Student Center
Don and Myrna Hines
Growing oppression of Christians in China could easily cause despair. What’s happening to the Chinese Church and how is God at work? Join us for news and firsthand reports.


You Can’t Do That, Can You?
(OMT), Room 314
Jeff Kiser
In 2001, the US Supreme Court ruled that if schools allow other afterschool activities to meet, they must allow Good News Clubs to meet. Come discover this wide open door!


With Heat There is Expansion
(OMT), Room 426
Rev. Dan Lloyd
“There occurred such a sharp disagreement that [Paul and Barnabas] separated from one another.” (Acts 15:39a) Conflict among ministry leaders, if managed properly, is healthy. Conflict avoidance is always toxic.


Life as a Kingdom Class Artist
(ART), Room 415
Julie Lowe
Being a missionary pianist combines my two passions perfectly: sharing Christ and classical music. Come hear how Jesus uses His gifts through us to save a watching world.


Evolution’s Showstopper
(OMT), Room 505
Dr. Heinz Lycklama
All attempts to show that first life from non-life by natural processes can be explained by evolution have come to naught. We give four reasons why this is a showstopper for evolution.


Understanding Islam
(OMT), Room 317
Rev. Milad Nakhla
Understanding Islam: Ideology of Islam; Who is Jesus in Koran; Love your neighbor; Learning to share Jesus with Muslim; How can I be a missionary to Islamic world.


Why Plant Micro Churches?
(DIS), Room 319
Dr. David Nelms
The primary reason to plant micro-churches where we live, work, study, shop and play is to reach un-churched people who are outside the walls of our churches.


Giving Shelter & Hope for “The Very Least of Them”
(OMT), Room 600, Fireside Room
Mama R
Since 2003, Carmel Shelter has provided refuge for vulnerable women and children throughout Israel—domestic violence and human trafficking victims, survivors of the Sinai torture camps, the homeless and abandoned.


Five Keys to Any Culture
(INT), Room 421
Mark Schaufler
Having worked worldwide we have found five keys that work anywhere. These five core issues will enable you connect and share the content of the Gospel with others.


Strategic Prayer for the Unreached and Unengaged (NOT Boring)
(OMT), Room 315
Jim Stevens
Jesus exhorted the disciples to pray as a response to a certain need or situation. This is his exhortation to us today. Why? How? Where? We’ll spend about half our time praying in interactive, prayer-igniting ways.


Preparing for Trauma in a Troubled World
(OMT), Room 130
Les Welk and Jack Rozell
Trauma: when an ordinary person experiences an extra-ordinary event that overwhelms their ability to cope. This seminar focuses on preparing to deal with trauma and helping others in trauma.


People Say “God Called Them” – Huh?
(OMT), Room 311
Richard Wilson
Is everyone called? What is it? Am I missing out? Ask questions, share your insights, interact. This seminar starts with God, the Bible and answers questions about God calling individuals.


SAT, 11:30-12:30


Caring for Others & Ourselves, Especially When Serving on the Front Lines
(OMT), Room 600, Fireside Room
Dr. Naji Abi-Hashem
We discuss the challenges and rewards of ministry and how cross-cultural workers can avoid many burnout and depletion symptoms. Practical suggestions for coping and survival will be presented for both care-givers and care-receivers.


TCKs Scattered Throughout the World with Purpose
(OMT), Room 130
Steve Alsup
The life experiences of Third Culture Kids (TCKs) prepare them for meaningful impact in the world. This seminar speaks to the world of Third Culture Kids


Defending the Bible Against Scientific Challenges
(OMT), Room 315
Chris Ashcraft
The teaching of evolution can lead to a loss of faith or prevent others from coming to Christ. How do we prepare our youth for an environment of competing worldviews?


The Victorious Church: Thriving in Persecution
(PER), Room 500, Student Center
Svein Bjorge
An Impossible Choice: They share our faith, but not our freedom. Some flee and some remain in suffering, hardship and persecution. An update of the ‘10/40 Mirror’ in the greater Seattle area.


Prepare for Impact: Navigating Cross-Cultural Ministry
(INT), Room 421
Jeff Boesel
Prepare for Impact will consider several real-life scenarios of living and doing ministry in a cross-cultural context using small group and whole group conversation with a focus on preparation.


A Great Gulf Fixed: Reaching Post-Christians
(BRG), Room 424
Dr. Earl Creps
Crossing the cultural divide to reach post-Christians is one of the great missionary mysteries of our time. How do you understand this person and develop missionary strategies that represent Jesus to them?


Making a Difference: Sharing Your Time, Talents and Treasures
(OMT), Room 318
Jeremy Dawson
Find out how to make intentional choices around your generosity that align with your values. Explore ways to share your resources to make a difference and create your generosity plan.


Engaging Millennials in the Mission (panel)
(BRG), Room 420
Anthony Hogan
Millennials have a unique perspective on missions and a distinct way of embracing other cultures. Join these young minds in a panel discussion on how the church can engage their culture and invite them into missional faith.


When Sunday School Fails
(OMT), Room 314
Dan Kreft
Two-thirds of youth are leaving the church, and the longer they attend Sunday school, the more likely they are to leave. Are you part of the problem or the solution?


Stop & Listen to Youth God Brings to Your Organization!
(DIS), Room 319
Mic McDaniel
Hire an intern, help them pursue “their calling”, mentor, train & prepare to launch them with “no strings attached”; you may find they become your next CEO/CFO/Social Media Expert!


The Creative Call: Art Engaging Story
(ART), Room 415
Trisha Olsen and Denise Peeler
Come and here how The Creative Call uses art as a bridge to bring healing and hope to people’s stories and to connect them to God’s heart and His story of redemption. The Creative Call reaches people across the street and around the globe. We bring the heart of Jesus to many through art experiences.


Managing Donations to Missionaries & Ministries
(OMT), Room 311
Dr. Ted Pampeyan and Dan Fortune
Here is an easy alternative to creating your own 501(c)(3). Churches, is administering contributions a hassle? There is an option for missionaries worldwide: managing and distributing donations—from donor to ministry bank account. Simple & Legal. Learn how.


Reaching Out & Church Planting in the Muslim World
(OMT), Room 426
Samuel Ramzy and Daniel Auzzene
God is doing a great, beautiful work in the Muslim world right now as has not happened since Islam began 1400 years ago. How has God prepared this great harvest since 15 years ago? What is God doing in the Muslim world now, to bring a great wave of harvest? How can you be part of this?


Business as Mission as Real Jobs for Justice & Real Disciple-Making
(OMT), Room 425
Larry Sharp
This seminar will use video to provide understanding to: What is Business as Mission (BAM)? Why is it important to the church today? What are some examples of BAM today?


Reaching Refugees & Immigrants for Christ
(OMT), Room 317
Matthew Tallman
The opportunity to reach refugees is unprecedented! This workshop will look at the need, the opportunities, and the best strategies for reaching immigrants and refugees both at home and abroad.


SAT, 3:30-4:30


Protecting the Great Commission from Our Culture
(BRG), Room 424
Dr. Dave Beine
This session will examine the topic of religious ethnocentrism and address the implications that this can have upon us as we travel elsewhere as missionaries.


Making the Twilight Years Bright: Restoring Hope for the Elderly
(OMT), Room 420
Kristen Childress and James Branch
Answering the call to protect widows and the vulnerable elderly, our sustainable model provides innovative care and opportunities for churches to partner in a community that shows respect, dignity, and honor to elders.


Entrepreneurship: A Way to Reach the Last & the Least
(OMT), Room 426
Elisabeth Cochrane
This seminar will focus on ways business people can support aspiring entrepreneurs in un-reached countries by sharing expertise, resources and God’s love.  Concepts, initiatives and success stories will be shared.


Accelerating Disciple-Making Movements with End-to-End Media Strategy
(TECH), Room 311
D and L
Media is like a magnet that pulls spiritual seekers out of the haystack. The “Media to Movements” strategy will help you find those seekers online and meet with them face-to-face offline.


What is Mission Aviation?
(OMT), Room 425
Clayton Howie
Discover how God is using aviation to reach isolated and remote people groups and hear about opportunities for you to be involved.


Moving Discipleship & Mission from “Additional” to Intentional
(DIS), Room 319
Caesar Kalinowski
In this talk Caesar will unpack the 6 rhythms of everyone’s everyday life and help them see how discipleship and mission can and does take place in every area of life–not just in the classroom. It’s not something that has to be added to our already busy lives, but is a matter of seeing the existing opportunities and moving intentionally toward them.


In Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and Cyberspace
(TECH), Room 314
Jonathan Kobayashi
Today, we live in two social spaces simultaneously, the physical and the virtual. How do we effectively disciple people in the digital world? This seminar will explore online discipleship.


Scatter to Reach Out to Muslim Background Immigrants
(BRG), Room 317
Ya Sow Lij
Be encouraged to get involved by hearing what God is doing among “scattered” folks from Muslim Background in the Seattle area through Jesus-followers “scattering” to minister the Gospel among them.


Validating & Building Early-Stage Tech Startups
(TECH), Room 315
How do founders test ideas and find real problems worth solving in the world of missions? How can users validate ideas or an MVP to know if you should launch it or kill it?


A New Wave of Evangelism Developing in Persecuted Asia
(PER), Room 500, Student Center
Michael Maksimowicz
Have you heard what God is doing in persecuted Asia? A great outpouring of His Spirit is being poured out. Find out how you can serve in the harvest.


When Someone Googles Ministries, Do They Find Yours?
(TECH), Room 318
Chuck Olmstead
Learn how to be found on search engines by those looking for your ministry. Find your best prospects online and offer an invitation. Use social platforms to start a conversation and drive results.


Using Theatre Arts to Build Bridges Outside the Church
(ART), Room 415
David Potter and Pat Sween
Sycamore Tree Theatre uses story in secular venues to create conversations that plant seeds of the Good News. How do we reclaim the arts with the beauty and creativity of God?


Self Care – Who Cares
(OMT), Room 130
Dr. Jack Rozell and Rev. Erlene Johnson
Biblical self-care brings transformation and leads to realistic expectations, healthy relationships, resolved background issues, and productive life/coping skills.


How to Lead with Love (Part 1 of a 2 Part series)
(OMT), Room 600, Fireside Room
Karen Saada and Farah Marvil
Lead with Love is a training for the Western church, focused on outreach and discipleship to Muslims in America. Participants in this mini-training will learn how to break down walls of fear and stereotypes while finding ways to build relationships with their Muslim neighbors and coworkers.


Christ, Chai and the Women at the Well
(INT), Room 421
Karen and Ron Stoufer
Learn and be encouraged by personal stories of women in a patriarchal society who have experienced Christ’s love through incarnational ministry and have been transformed through creating community.


SAT, 5:00-6:00


Dr. Margaret Brand and Her Vision for God
(ART), Room 415
Susie Boer
Come and be inspired by Susie’s portrayal of Dr. Margaret Brand. Dr. Brand and husband Paul (also Dr. Brand) went to India as medical missionaries, and were drawn to solve the mystery of leprosy, while many others felt the challenge was too great.


Who Will Meet Me When I Get to the Edge
(OMT), Room 130
Angela Brandle
Today’s world can be a dangerous place and the new generation is rising to the challenge. This seminar examines different types of risk, and the balance between counting the cost and caring for ourselves and other servants of Christ. What should a prospective worker for Christ be looking for when considering the risks involved and the sort of care offered?


Getting There from Here: Effective Preparation for 21st Century Missions
(BRG), Room 424
Marc Canner
Building on biblical principles, this seminar provides a framework for cross-cultural ministry preparation that can ensure long-term success in language acquisition, cultural adaptation, and intercultural communication.


The Forgotten Factor
(OMT), Room 420
Ruth Chow
Is Acts 1:8 just for the early Church? Is the Holy Spirit still relevant in 21st century missions? Let’s explore this topic together!


Why Do They Do What They Do?
(INT), Room 421
Patty Fleming
Have you ever wondered why others do what they do? Gain understanding of the various dimensions of the cultures in the world and insights into how to better engage your co-worker, your neighborhood, and those on the other side of the world.


Love Thy Nerd
(TECH), Room 311
Chris Gwaltney
Good News for Geeks, Gamers, and Nerds! What a time to be alive! It’s ​finally ​cool to be a nerd. In this session, nerd or not, you will learn how to love and serve your nerdy neighbors.


The Invisible Lines in Iraq
(PER), Room 500, Student Center
John Ho
Last December, I made a vision trip into Kurdistan, Northern Iraq, with a mission organization. I was able to visit the local believers, and I witnessed their vibrant faith in action in a region ravished by numerous and recent strife, violence and corruption.


God and Gaming
(TECH), Room 317
Anthony Hogan
Video games are awesome! God and Gaming is a seminar designed to help students and parents navigate the world of gaming as believers. We focus on defining what it means to be a Missional Gamer.


Revitalized Churches for the Next Generation: Mulltiplying Disciples
(DIS), Room 319
Bruce Ingram
We will discuss obstacles and ways for: energized authentic relationships with Christ and His love ruling hearts and relationships, empowered for everyday mission in the world, making next generation leaders, multiplying disciples.


The Future of Mission Conferences (in English with simultaneous translation to Indonesian, using Theotech software)
(TECH), Room 314
Kim-Fu Lim
Mission conferences face numerous challenges in this era of global geopolitics. Beside Data Protection, Cyber Security, Network Infrastructure, global audiences need multilingual worship, documents, slides, and live interpretations. What technologies are available today to address these challenges?


Advantages BAM & B4T Offer to Traditional Missions
(TECH), Room 315
Your impact as a missionary is often correlated to your proximity to locals, transparency of your identity and the sustainability of your work. B4T (Business for Transformation) gets you closer to the people you want to reach.


The Value of Short Term Missions
(OMT), Room 425
Mike Pettengill
Short-term mission trips are valuable to both the sending and receiving ministry. Here is how to use short-term missionaries well and how to be a good short-term missionary.


Why the “Unreached” are Still Unreached
(OMT), Room 426
Dr. Sam Rima
Why are there still 2.1 billion people in the world who are classified as unreached? This seminar will help participants understand the unique dynamics that contribute to this challenge as well as specific ways the Church can be mobilized to significantly impact this critical mission.


How to Lead with Love, (Part 2 of a 2 Part Series)
(OMT), Room 600, Fireside Room
Karen Saada and Farah Marvil
Lead with Love is a training for the Western church, focused on outreach and discipleship to Muslims in America. Participants in this mini-training will learn how to break down walls of fear and stereotypes while finding ways to build relationships with their Muslim neighbors and coworkers.


The Bullseye of the 10/40 Window
(TECH), Room 318
Adnan Azhar Sandhu
The birth of a ministry on the subcontinent of India – PAKISTAN. A media ministry after God’s own heart in the ‘Land of the Pure,’ supported by the global church.