2023 Friday Field Trip

November 2023

The Friday Field Trip is a special event for students grades 4-12, hosted during Missions Fest Seattle, from 9am-1pm. Bring your bus full and join us! Workshops, exhibits, etc., displaying what God is doing around the world.

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Friday Field Trip Workshops

  • Ron Rice:
    Wheelchairs for Nigeria


  • Jan Linville, CEF:
    How to Use the Evangecube: The Evangecube is a great visual to use for presenting the Gospel to anyone, especially kids! You will be able to purchase one for $7.50 at the workshop.


  • Gregg & Sylvia Faddegon:
    One little Stone He Took: The Biblical Christian Worldview in the City and in the Jungle


  • Steve King:
    Reducing Ethnic Violence in Nigeria: Schools for Nomadic Muslim Families’ Kids: Violence & murder in Nigeria between Fulani herders and farmers. Seasonal Fulani movements cause conflicts with farmers, and prevent Fulani kids’ education. Schools For Africa: Permanent Fulani rotational cattle grazing preserves with schools for Fulani and farmers’ kids, thus permanent Fulani homes.


  • Gordon Peet, OMF:
    God Doesn’t Change: stories comparing Bible stories with similar stories from the mission field


  • Gordon Peet, OMF:
    Kids Can Do Big Things For God: stories of how God has worked through children throughout history


  • Gordon Peet, OMF:
    Life as a Missionary Kid: my personal experiences plus Q&A.


  • Gordon Peet, OMF:
    What is Bible Translation Like?: This exercise uses an invented language and asks you to translate John 3:16 from English to Arubic. Doing so will give you a better idea of what Bible translators face and enable you to pray for them more efficiently. It will also help you understand why our English translations can look so different.


  • Ed White, Spirit of Martyrdom:
    Kidnapped for Christ: Risking much for Jesus in restricted nations. Learn how today’s missionaries risk their lives to share the gospel in hard places.


  • Jon Sween:
    Finding Your Kingdom Fit in God’s Vision: Hear stories of how God led me to His plan for my life which was to do Entrepreneurial Leadership Development in India, Africa and with Latinos in Lynnwood. Served as teacher, Navigator staff, and running our non-profit. We are starting a Gap year vision for young adults ages 18 to 22 in September. We have 7 students and the hope is that they would discern their vocational calling and be His disciples in all of life. It’s a 10 month process. discoverynextgapyear.com


  • Serge:
    Reaching the most resistant people group for Jesus: Jewish People have been the most resistant people group to reach for Jesus historically. But it will not stay that way forever! Expect in this seminar: causes for Jewish resistance to Jesus, principles for overcoming those barriers, and what the future of Jewish ministry looks like.


  • LarryTeri Lewis:
    Berlin Connections: How to use Books, Coffee, and More to share the love of Jesus in the Capital of Germany.


  • Angela Brandle, Synergiefr.org:
    Mission possible!: Come learn about how God does impossible things so that people will come to know Jesus.


  • Bill Safstrom, Nicolas Fund for Education:
    What is it like for Mayan students in a Guatemalan Christian school?


  • Dan Swanson, Ethnos:
    Reaching the Lost Through Aviation:
    Extending Christ’s love to unreached people groups is impossible without transportation that can provide access into the most remote regions of the world. Come hear stories from missionary pilots and watch inspiring videos.


  • Kevin & Lynn Baker, Galcom:
    What’s Involved in Building a Radio Station and Tower?:
    We will discuss how it works to transmit the Gospel and demonstrate a Compass or Audio Bible.


  • Floyd Schneider:
    Secret Bible Conferences Behind the Iron Curtain


  • Floyd Schneider:
    Using Gardening to Tell People About Jesus:
    Leading dozens to Jesus in Austria and planting a local church.


  • Floyd Schneider:
    Evangelizing Your Foreign Friends at Home


  • Floyd Schneider:
    Stories of Evangelism in Russia


  • Christina Herron, CEF:
    Me, A Kids’ Church Leader?:
    Do you feel led to help in your kids’ ministry but are scared you are too young to help? No way! God’s Word tells of many young people who did great things to serve the Lord. Many preteens and teens do amazing things in their churches helping out with younger kids. Find out how you can serve as a kids church volunteer and leader.


  • Christina Herron, CEF:
    Working With Little Kids Without Going Crazy:
    Feeling led to work with younger kids, but don’t know the first thing about how teach and manage them? Come to this class and find out how to teach preschool and early elementary school kids. Very interactive class with game ideas, management ideas and prizes!


  • Dana Gamble:
    Who is the all time G.O.A.T.?:
    Learning to really see your values


  • John & Sheila Schweitzer, EE:
    Sharing Your Faith:
    (grades 4-6), We will give you a tool for sharing your faith in Jesus that is easy to use.


  • John & Sheila Schweitzer, EE:
    Sharing Your Faith:
    (grades 7-12), We will give you a tool for sharing your faith in Jesus that is easy to use.