2022 Friday Field Trip

November 4, 2022

Missions Fest Seattle is once again hosting a Friday Field Trip for Christian students in grades 4-12. There will be various workshops appropriate for their age. The event happens on Friday, November 4, from 10 am – 2 pm. There is no charge – the students bring their own lunch. Please scroll down to see the workshops offered and the registration form. We look forward to having your students with us!


Logistics: We do not have a required adult/student ratio, but the student should be able to navigate to different rooms on their own. Hall monitors will direct them to their next chosen workshop. There will be 3 workshop choices for them, as well as an opening and a closing general session. The exhibit visits will be during the lunch break.

Friday Field Trip Workshops

Speaker: Ed White

Mission: Spirit of Martyrdom

Title: “Planning for the Persecuted Church”.

Description: We will discuss what’s happening in the world today and how we are preparing leaders in unreached and at-risk areas of the world sharing Christ.  Hence our name, Spirit of “Martyrdom”.  Many risk their lives daily while spreading the Gospel of Christ.

Speaker: Mark Hayate Abadi

Title: “Jesus Loves You and Wants To Keep You Safe From the Enemy”
Description: The goal of Satan is to deceive you but Jesus wants to keep you safe.

Speaker: Jan Linville

Mission: Child Evangelism Fellowship

Title: “Courage: Share the Gospel Message with a Bracelet or Anklet.”

Description: Learn to share Jesus using a beaded bracelet.  The colored beads tell God’s solution to people’s greatest problem. Learn to share life-saving truths from God’s Word in 5 to 10 minutes.  Each attendee will receive a bracelet and a tract.

Speaker: Gary Elliott (Grades 6 and up)

Mission: MATA

Title: “Mission Aviation: Using airplanes to reach the most isolated peoples on Earth.”

Description: There are peoples who live in remote and difficult-to-reach places around the world.  These people groups are not to be ignored or excluded from God’s Great Commission of “making disciples of all nations” just because they are hard to travel to. Come hear how mission work has been accelerated to those living at “the ends of the Earth” by means of the modern machine called an airplane.

Speaker: Kaitie Newcomb

Organization: Special Hope Network

Title: “Least of the Least of These: Serving children with Intellectual Disabilities”

Description: In developing areas like Lusaka, Zambia, children with intellectual disabilities have little or no access to the critical care, facilities, and support that they need to thrive. Kids who have disabilities are often left marginalized and vulnerable; and without a community of support, families are unsure how to care for their child. Special Hope Network exists to bring glory to God by creating a world where all kids are valued.

Speaker: Dana Gamble

Title: “Be Who You Were Created To Be”

Description: Includes a group discussion about who you think you are and how God sees you and your roll in the Kingdom. We’ll talk about self-worth and what the truth is in your life. We’ll examine how you could be a part of something amazing by just saying “Yes” to the Lord and His call on your life.

Speaker: Neil Gamble

Title: “Missions starts NOW! Reaching your community.”

Description: This micro teaching will reveal how to reach your friends by knowing who you are in Jesus and hearing His voice for them.

Speaker: Konnie Drews (grades 6 and up)

Organization: American Friendship Foundation

Title: “For Freedom, and Justice, for All”

Description: Slavery is not just something you learn about in history but it is still happening around the world today. In this session you will have the opportunity to learn about the global crisis of human trafficking and forced labor that has millions of people, including children, trapped in modern day slavery.  There are many ministries and organizations that are working to bring an end to this evil and you will learn how even as a teenager how you can join the fight for freedom and justice for all.

Speaker: Dr. Sara Boyd

Title: “Leveraging Technology for Kingdom Purposes”

Description: This workshop will examine ways that apps and technology can help us share the Good News of Jesus.

Speaker: Dr. Sara Boyd

Title: “Living Overseas – Lessons from the Missions Field for Everyday Life”

Description: Wisdom from mission trips and living on the mission field that can impact our everyday reality and keep us focused on kingdom priorities.

Speaker: Angela Brandle, Executive Director

Mission: Synergie Francophone

Title: “Battle in the Dark”

A true story of a difficult battle in a very dark place. As you listen, try to guess who wins   Followed by activities and prizes.

Speaker: Dr. Sara Boyd

Title: “Apologetics as Evangelism”

Description: Apologetics is all about knowing how to answer questions about why Christianity is true. This session will look at how to answer some popular questions that can then create opportunity to share Jesus with our friends and neighbors.

Speaker: Diane Tillman

Title: “Don’t Let Your Friends go to Hell”

Description: Learn how to share God’s great love and salvation without fear.  There are lots of good ideas and free things to make it easier to tell people about God.

Speaker: Anna Seeger

Mission: China Outreach Ministries
Title: “Prayer Warriors: The Power of Prayer in this Spiritual Battle”
Description: Learn about the power of prayer for overcoming the forces of darkness in both your personal life and in advancing the Gospel! This workshop will include learning different prayer methods, a prayer-reminder craft, and a time of praying for missionaries and those with whom they are sharing the Gospel. Come and join forces with us in prayer!
Speaker: Bill Safstrom, M.Ed, Vice President of the Nicolas Fund for Education
Title: “Greetings from Nicolas Christian School in Nebaj, Guatemala”
Description: Students will learn about Guatemala; compare their own school and home experience to that of rural Mayan students; and learn what God is doing among the Mayan people of Guatemala. There will be a PowerPoint, one or more short videos, and Q and A time. Some prizes will be given.

Speaker: Christina Herron,  Mission: Child Evangelism Fellowship, State Director

Title: “Timothy – A Young Man of Proven Character”
Description: Do you think that being young makes you ineligible to do anything BIG for God?  Come learn how God uses young people, especially one young man, to make a real difference. See how God surrounded Timothy with Godly influences and used Timothy to advance the Gospel in the early Church. Informative, interactive workshop with encouragement and fun!

Speaker: Christina Herron,  Mission: Child Evangelism Fellowship, State Director

Title: “CYIA: Growing in the Lord and Reaching Your Community for Christ”
Description: Are you a 12-18 year old looking for a way to grow in your faith and also reach your community for Christ?  Do you like working with children and being a role model and mentor? Then come hear more about Child Evangelism Fellowship’s Summer Ministry Program Christian Youth in Action. Come hear more about how this program has impacted hundreds of teens in Washington and reached children around the globe.
Speaker: John & Sheila Schweizer (grades 4-6)
Title: “Hope For Kids: Equipping Kids to Share the Gospel with Kids”
Description: Help kids learn a fun way to share the Gospel with other kids. Be involved in an interactive demonstration of “The Gospel Pathway”.
Speaker: John & Sheila Schweizer (gr 7-12)
Title: “Everyday Evangelism: Equipping students to witness for Jesus as a way of life”
Description: Help students learn an easy to learn, fun to share, hard to forget way to open Gospel conversations and share the Gospel in everyday life.
Speaker: Dan Swanson, Ethnos360

Title: “Flying for the King”
Description: Extending Christ’s love to unreached people groups is impossible without transportation that can provide access into the most remote regions of the world. Come hear stories from missionary pilots and watch inspiring videos.

Speaker: Mary Pinkerton
Mission: Be One Together
Title: “Using Your Talents and Giftings for God in Unique Ways”
Description: What is something you really like to do and you wouldn’t want to give it up to serve God? Perhaps you wouldn’t have to. Come and find out about the variety of ministries happening using talents and giftings.

Speakers: Kevin & Lynn Baker, Gunther Eichmann

Mission: Galcom International

Title: “Who is Galcom and What is Our Part in the Ministry?”

Description: Galcom exists to give help and tools to the missionaries that have answered the call of Christ to “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.” Mark 16:15. By using radios, missionaries are able to multiply their impact and reach more people and a larger area with the Gospel every day. The name “Galcom International” is an indication of Galcom’s commitment to communicating the Gospel worldwide. Our part as missionaries is radio tower installations, field technician and western Prairies Representatives.

Speaker: Dr. Ron Rice

Title: “Wheelchairs for Nigeria”

Description: Come and learn about this Christian ministry that is providing mobility to thousands of polio survivors in Nigeria who spend their lives crawling on their hands and knees. Dr. Rice and his wife Sharon just returned from Nigeria, his 30th trip, where they gave out 700 wheelchairs at Emir’s palaces and churches to children and adults crippled by polio.

Speakers: Larry Nyland, Steve King (Grades 8 and up)

Mission: Schools For Africa

Title: “Reducing ethnic violence in Nigeria by building Christian schools For Muslim kids”

Description: America in the 1800’s: Violence and murder between Indians and whites. Nigeria now: Violence and murder between nomadic Fulani and other Nigerians. Indians and Fulani considered subhuman by some others. Seasonal Fulani movements cause conflicts with farmers, and prevent Fulani kid’s education. Partial solution: Establish permanent Fulani rotational cattle grazing preserves with schools.  

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