Technology Panel

2019 Technology Panel

MC Ichabod Caine


Much loved DJ, Icky, was a daily dose of humor and music icon in the NW, as well as syndicated on 130 stations throughout the US, Canada and the US Armed Forces Network worldwide. After more than 30 year on the radio, he turned in his mic for a computer and now works for Apple.
Ick will moderate this digital panel, briefing us on why these particular individuals have been selected and their areas of expertise as it pertains to today’s SCATTERING of God’s Word. Ick will lead a discussion in the present and future of technology and mission. He loves to say that, “Luther was a master at using the printing press. He would be all over the internet today.”

Kelly Coleman


Kelly is a Principal Program Manager at Microsoft and oversees a number of internal systems and services that support sellers and marketers. He’s a local product out of Seattle Lutheran High School and the UW’s Foster School of Business (MBA). Kelly is also an associate minister at his church.
Kelly has served many businesses as a consultant in a variety of arenas. He has lead teams within companies in the area of strategic planning, from call centers, IT departments, high priority projects, transportation software, financial servicing and team building and more. Co-workers have said of Kelly, “He handles leadership by example.”  He’s a true example of exemplary performance in every area.

Chris Lim


Chris loves seeing the implications of a thoughtful theology of technology worked out in real world products. He founded “Theotech”, a company that begins with God as the ultimate customer and works backwards to invent solutions that deliver God’s vision and bless the world.
Through products like “” which enables churches to be accessible in many languages through real time translation and captions, he aims to stir up a movement of people effectively using technology to bear witness to God’s Kingdom.

Paul Nelson


Paul Nelson is the Director of Language Software Development at SIL International. His teams develop software for translation, lexicography (dictionaries and thessauri), linguistics, literacy and the Keyman keyboard program. Paul work at Microsoft for nearly 18 years before moving to SIL. He has an MBA from Duke University.
Inspired by God’s love, SIL advocates, builds capacity, and works with local communities to apply language expertise that advances meaningful development, education, and engagement with Scripture. Five years ago, Paul was impacted at Missions Fest and decided to use his passion for human languages on computers to serve the minority languages of the world through Wycliffe and SIL.

Colin Wong


Colin Wong hails from Malaysia and is a technology entrepreneur in the consumer internet space. Colin previously worked in Google engineering on their AdWords and AdSense products. He managed the collaborate effort of engineering, sales, support and product management to build solutions for their largest customers.
After leaving Google, Colin became CEO of ZoeCity, a Christian social network company in the early pre-Facebook days. He later co-founded, a digital Bible platform with a vision to capture all the answers to questions on the Bible and translate that to all the languages of the world. eBible was subsequently acquired. Colin runs his consulting company nowadays and supports new businesses in the concept, design, build and marketing of new technology solutions.

Tim Young


Tim is a field consultant with LightSys Technology Services. He and his wife, Patricia, travel most of the year. They visit one mission organization a week, helping as needed with their computer concerns, doing the equivalent of between 15 and 30 short-term IT missions trips a year.
They are based out of Red Wing, MN, and travel 8 months of the year, living with missionary families or guest houses of the ministries with whom they minister.