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Dear Pastors and Congregational Leaders,

We thank you and your congregation for supporting Missions Fest Seattle 2017. To you, the 73 Sponsoring Churches, we thank you. Our 2018 conference will focus on the concept of SCATTER. This is how the Gospel of Christ spread in the early church – due to persecution the early Christians were scattered all over the know world.

In looking back, we are grateful to the Lord for many things:

1.) The many churches who were involved

2.) The 400 students and leaders participating in the Friday Field Trip

3.) The 75 people who attended our special Friday Pastor’s Workshop

4.) The 80 Exhibitors

5.) The 82 Seminar speakers (mostly from our Sponsoring Churches & Exhibitors)

6.) The roughly 3000 people who attended the conference

7.) Those who volunteered, promoted and donated to the success of this ministry

We continue to be excited by the ways churches are utilizing Missions Fest. Some are bookending their mission effort within their congregation with MFS coupling it with the Sunday before or after the conference. Other churches are finding the conference useful to supplement their annual mission emphasis; and, still others are finding the MFS conference a great resource to learn new strategies and concepts in missions. Every church benefits when their people get excited for missions, and come back itching to more effectively serve our Lord and to have their lives count for something special for the Kingdom.

This year we focused our attention on the ever-changing world around us as we attempted to answer the question “Who is my neighbor?” The nations are in our backyard, and the world is our neighbor. We heard some great teaching addressing many aspects of this topic, including what it looks like to be a biblical neighbor, racial reconciliation, building God’s kingdom, and the gospel overcoming conflict between all peoples. We also hosted our first sponsoring church workshop where we discussed ways to improve and grow Missions Fest, as well as topics and ideas for next year’s conference. We’ll soon send you details on our next sponsoring church workshop in March; and, we invite each of you to participate in the conversation. Our regional pastors & missions leader’s luncheons will be in May. More details to follow.

Missions Fest Seattle continues to grow as we seek to serve the churches in our region throughout the year. We encourage you to check out one of the Perspectives classes being held in the Puget Sound area starting in January. Also, if you are looking for a deeper way to engage missions, The Journey Deepens retreat on January 26-27 is a great resource.

As always, we welcome your comments/suggestions as to how we could be of more benefit to your church. Thank you for your continued support and partnership. Mark your calendars now for Missions Fest Seattle 2018 – October 19-20 at Crossroads Bible Church in Bellevue! Don’t forget to send in your continuing 2018 sponsoring church agreement supporting Missions Fest Seattle.

For His Kingdom,
Pastor Brandon Brazee
Missions Fest Seattle, Conference Chairman
And the Leadership Team

Missions Fest Seattle (MFS) is an annual church sponsored event that exists to inform and excite Christians about what God is doing around the world for the purpose of involving them in the Harvest. The 2018 conference will be focused on the concept of SCATTER. This is how the Gospel of Christ spread in the early church – due to persecution the early Christians were scattered all over the known world.

OCT 19-20, 2018


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Thank you to all our ministry partners and monthly contributors who support Missions Fest Seattle every year.