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Seminar Schedule

FRIDAY 4:00 – 5:00 PM

Encountering Culture (CCU), Room 211
Ruth Chow
Come find out what’s inside of us that can help or hinder our cross-cultural relationships.

Songs of the People (CCU), Room 303
Dr. Forrest Inslee, Northwest University
In this session we’ll consider ways to encourage churches to create worship music in their own language and cultural traditions – music that’s more authentic and relevant to their unique contexts.

Share the Good News With Someone Today (LC), Room 304
Heather Ewald
This seminar will present “everyday opportunity” ideas to share the Gospel with someone. Do we care that people are hell-bound? You will for sure get 1 or 2 new ideas.

Buddhist Tradition and Folk Religions “Magic,” (BMC), Room 310
Jared Haechton, OMF International
Learn some of the challenges for Buddhists to understanding the Gospel.

How to lead anyone to Christ…especially kids (OMT), Room 307
Deborah Rowe, Child Evangelism Fellowship
Attend this session to learn how to effectively present a fun method to share the message of salvation.  This method works great with kids and adults!

Using Your Software Skills to Help Bible Translation (OMT), Room 210
Paul Nelson, SIL International
Software tools are critical for accurate Bible translation and accelerating access to Scripture. Paul will share how to use your skills as a volunteer, short term, or long term missionary.

In the Prayer Room (PR), Room 308
Focused prayer on the refugee crisis in Europe, led by Antonio Pardo and Maria Vargas.
(In Spanish, English translation provided)

FRIDAY 5:30 – 6:30 PM

Breaking the Language Barrier Through Artificial Intelligence for the Gospel (CCU), Room 211
Christopher and Natasha Lim, Theo Tech
Advances in artificial intelligence enable us to reach people in their native language like never before. Learn how your church can accelerate the Gospel every Sunday with this technology.

Movements: Prepare Soil/Open Doors through Prayer/Spirit-Walking (LC), Room 303
Renee Rivera, No Place Left Pacific Northwest
Learn and practice a simple, enjoyable, reproducible process for taking others with you into the harvest. One of five simple steps toward producing multiple generations of reproducing disciples.

Loving Your Neighbor: Surprise! It’s Not What You Think (LC), Room 304
David Sanford, Corban University
How do we obey the 2nd half of the Great Commandment? If Jesus Christ used counter-intuitive ways to love individuals, maybe, just maybe, so can we!

Five Keys to Any Culture (BMC), Room 310
Mark Schaufler, MST Ministries
Ways to open hearts in any culture or setting worldwide.

Dealing with Spiritual Enemies (GD), Room 208
Rev. Willy Brandle, SIM
Recognizing, preparing for, and learning how to deal with spiritual opposition, with examples from ministry experience in places where it is strong and widespread and others where it is hidden.

Talk Time On-Line (GD), Choir Room
Reed and Shirley Patterson, Teach Overseas Institute
After World War II, a program was set up called “Pen Pal.”  With today’s technology, it is possible to teach conversational English via the internet or “Skype Pal.” It is now possible for Christians sitting in the pews to become “missionaries” long distance and across the world.

Participatory Justice: Facing immigration justice as One Body (GD), Fireside Room
Maria-Jose Soerens and Esmy Jimenez, Puentes
Immigration policies affect all of our communities. In this workshop we will shift the conversation on immigration from something happening “over there” to mobilizing as One Body to assist all members of our neighborhoods.

Human Trafficking and the Refugee Crisis (GD), High School Room
Leslie Urie, World Mission Prayer League
Does the refugee crisis fuel the human trafficking industry? What can the church do to stop this tragedy? Is there a mandate? Pray. Act.

Technology is changing world missions (OMT), Room 210
Jim Leamer, Wycliffe Bible Translators
Computer based translation, satellite systems, mobile apps and smart phone based medical devices.  See how these technologies are being used by mission organizations around the world to increase their effectiveness.

Summer Camp: Demonstrating the Gospel Through Play (OMT), Room 223
Liz Pearse, SAMBICA
From archery to water balloons, come and learn in this interactive seminar how to effectively share the Gospel by doing and experiencing play.

Pressure Points: Twelve Global Issues Shaping the Face of the Church (OMT), Children’s Theater
J.D. Payne, The Church at Brook Hills
In this seminar, J.D. will share some of the findings from his book Pressure Points, including how believers should think and respond to the global challenges of our day. How believers respond to them for Gospel advancement is a matter of Kingdom stewardship.

In the Prayer Room (PR), Room 308
Focused prayer on ministries in Asia, led by Donna and Dick Andrews.

SATURDAY 11:00 AM – Noon

The Ultimate Cross-Cultural Communicator (CCU), Room 211
Craig Campbell, Wycliffe Bible Translators
A Bible in a mother tongue transcends culture for thousands of years.  You may speak one language, but you can be part of Bible translation.

The Role of the Church in Local Orphan Care (LC), Room 304
Randy Loveless, Antioch Adoptions
Christians engaged in local orphan care face significant challenges, but they’re often hesitant to request help from their churches.  Opportunities for local churches to come alongside and support are explored.

Movements: Using Questions to Discover Spiritual Interest and Openness (LC), Room 303
Susan Burbank, Q Place
Learn and practice a simple, enjoyable, adaptable set of questions that lead to interaction around the Bible. One of five simple steps toward producing multiple generations of reproducing disciples.

Befriending Buddhists from China or Tibet; Conversations for Understanding (BMC), Room 310
Donna and Dick Andrews, OFM
Asian friends respond to respectful discussions. We’ll contrast Buddhist Worldview and historic Biblical Truth.  Consider America’s fascination with Asian philosophies. Share your helpful experiences. Enlist God’s power through prayer.

Challenges and Opportunities of a Post-Sykes-Picot Middle East (GD), Room 208
Luke Moon, Philos Project
A hundred years after Sykes-Picot the borders of the Middle East are being erased as Syria and Iraq break apart along ethnic and sectarian lines. How will this impact missions?

Children on the Move: How Forced Displacement Changes Everything (GD), Choir Room
Dr. Greg Burch, Multnomah University
The seminar will focus on the resiliency and vulnerabilities of children on the move, highlighting both the need to protect and to encourage child participation in bringing hope to communities that are forcibly displaced.

Suffering and the Sovereignty of God (GD), Fireside Room
Angela Brandle, SIM
If I serve God, will he spare me suffering? What about hardships, injustice and trials? How God uses suffering to transform lives and work our His purposes in his world.

How the Refugee Crisis Has Affected the “Map” of Sexual Trafficking, (GD), High School Room (In Spanish with English translation)
Maria Vargas, Papilio
The great migration crisis in Europe has affected the “map” of sexual trafficking, leaving Spain with the second largest number of trafficked girls in Europe. Ministering from the streets to rescue homes, this presentation will allow you to understand how the American church can partner with those in Spain to help bring the love of God to those affected.

The Armor of God: A Live Demonstration! (OMT), Room 210
Dr. Tom Hoyle, Bible and Science Ministries
This ‘Indiana Jones’ look at the Bible uniquely employs actual replicas of the six items which the Apostle Paul uses to illustrate the vital and evangelistic truths of Ephesians 6!

Multiplying Ministry Leaders (OMT), Room 221
85% of churches worldwide are led by people with no formal training.
We can learn from and serve them for multiplying Godly church leaders here and abroad.

Preparing for Cross-Cultural Life and Ministry (OMT), Room 222
Jeff Boesel, One Challenge
No amount of preparation can guarantee a stress-free transition to cross-cultural life, but the lack of preparation almost always guarantees a difficult road.

Church Planting (OMT), Room 223
Dr. John Wagenveld, Multiplication Network Ministries
Hear an expert in church planting and founder of Multiplication Network Ministries teach how we train thousands of nationals each year to plant churches.

Biblical Theology of Mission: Mission in the Old Testament (OMT), Room 307
Dr. David Thomas, Ph.D., Northwest University
This seminar will focus on the Mission of God from the earliest chapters of the Bible and connect them with the rest of God’s redemption.

Don’t Be a Dead Sacrifice! Self-Care and Thriving in Ministry (OMT), Room 309
Luke (World Relief) and Laura (mental health counselor) Williams
Burned out? Exhausted? Effective, long-term ministry requires healthy boundaries and spiritual disciplines rooted in trust. Come hear biblical insights and practical tips gleaned from our work in trauma counseling and refugee ministry.

Disciples or Leaders? (OMT), Room 311
Dr. Yaw Perbi, International Student Ministries Canada
So what really have we been called by Jesus to do: is it to make disciples or leaders? We shall settle the long-drawn “Called to Make” debate on discipleship versus leadership once and for all.

Science Truths in the Bible (OMT), Children’s Theater
Dr. Heinz Lycklama, Apologetics Forum of Snohomish County
We trust the Bible for spiritual truth. Prophecy, history, geography, and archaeology confirm its truth. There are also some amazingly accurate scientific statements that anticipate the science of today.

In the Prayer Room (PR), Room 308
Focused prayer on making an impact for Christ in our local urban communities, led by Steve Bury and Glenn McCray.

SATURDAY 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM

Creativity, On Mission (CCU), Room 211
Kent Reimer, WorldVenture
We’ll go on a world tour to discover some creative ways God is using people’s gifts and talents to introduce people our Savior. This will lead you to ask yourself, ‘Could God use me that way?’

Movements: Share Hope, Testimony, Gospel in Ten Minutes or Less (LC), Room 303
Bryant Jones, The Mission Network
Learn and practice a simple, enjoyable, reproducible process for inviting others to join you in following Christ. One of five simple steps toward producing multiple generations of reproducing disciples.

Church-based Community Development and Neighborhood Outreach (LC), Room 304
Rev. Steve Bury and Glenn McCray, Urban Impact
God has placed our churches in neighborhoods that are complex and diverse.  We’ll explore models of community development and outreach that address needs and mobilizing assets in reaching our world.

The Jaw-Dropping Reality of Genesis, And Its Effect on Missions (BMC), Room 310
Mark Champneys, Saints Alive in Jesus Evangelistic Association, Child Evangelism Fellowship
Many missionaries struggle with doubts about the literal historicity of Genesis 1-11 because they mistakenly think that science voids a literal take on creation, the flood, and Babel.  But science absolutely does not do this.  On the contrary, the latest science overwhelmingly supports the literal historicity of Genesis.  This seminar will strengthen your faith, and give your words power as you ask people to trust the whole Bible.

Beyond Crisis: the Refugee Road to Recovery (GD), Room 208
Tim Uthmann, International Association for Refugees
Forcibly displaced people flee various crises, desperately seeking a new future. However, once the crisis has diminished and the aid and relief agencies have stabilized their situation, how do people move from surviving to thriving?  Is the Church uniquely positioned to discover hope with people, along the road to recovery?

Getting to the Heart of Human Trafficking (GD), Room 210
How do you make a difference in the red light district when the mind-set of the women is hopelessness?  Looking at their hearts, we know they want more for their children.

Global Disruptors: Next Steps for Perspectives Alumni and Other Activists (GD), Choir Room
Darrell Dorr, Frontier Ventures and Perspectives
The Perspectives course “ruins you for the ordinary!” Here’s an invitation for Perspectives alumni – and other activists – to explore next steps, including The Hub Community Network and Peace Catalyst.

The Real Iranian Revolution: The Rapid Expansion of the Iranian Church (GD), Fireside Room
Gordy Beck, Austrian Baptist Aid
We will analyze the factors that God has used to bring thousands of Iranians to Christ in the last decade and discuss serving these converts, especially in a refugee context.

The Refugee Crisis in Europe: Spain, the Southern Door of Europe (GD), High School Room
(In Spanish, with English translation)
Antonio Pardo, Asociacion Vision Nuevo Siglo
Understanding the refugee problem and our part in the overall plan of God so His name will be known in the nations. We will learn the reality of the situation and possible solutions to the crisis.

Safe water and the Word: Nurturing a thriving global church (OMT), Room 221
Julie Hill and Jeff Chase, Living Water International
You and your church can save lives physically and spiritually while nurturing a thriving global church. Learn about the synergy of safe water and the Word in transformational missions.

Lessons Learned In the Heat of The Battle (OMT), Room 222
Rev. Orin Kidd
Orin shares some of the practical lessons learned in the heat of an intense, personal time of spiritual conflict while working with the animistic Kimyal tribe in Papua, Indonesia. This conflict and the lessons learned, led to the Kimyal tribe being set free from the fear of evil spirits. The focus of this seminar is Eph 6:10-20.

Doing Justice and Loving Mercy for All Believers (OMT), Room 223
Philip Cunningham, Steps of Justice
God continues to call his followers to love others and do justice. We will look at a Biblical view of doing justice as a lifestyle for believers.

One Church Transformed/One Village Transformed (OMT), Room 307
Dave Curtiss, World Concern
Hear the story from members of a local church of how their congregation has been transformed through partnership with a poor, marginalized village in eastern Chad.

Helping indigenous African Christians to reach their communities for Christ (OMT), Room 309
Howard Johns
Learn how to partner with indigenous West African Christians in achieving their goals of evangelism, discipleship, church planting, and Christian education.

Simply the Story: Experience Inductive Bible Study – Oral Style (OMT), Room 311
Mardee McElwee, City Calvary Chapel
Simply The Story teaches ways to prepare and tell fascinating, accurate Bible stories and to lead interactive discussions on Bible passages. Listeners grasp truths and pass them on to evangelize, teach and disciple.

Re-Thinking Missions (OMT), Children’s Theater
Jesse Crock, World Outreach Ministry Foundation
We will look at ways to develop a holistic ministry with the poor, without toxic elements of charity, and to look beyond material responses and value the importance of dignity.

In the Prayer Room (PR), Room 308
Focused prayer on ministries and those serving in Africa, led by Marcy Polreich and Brenda Volz of World Outreach Ministry Foundation.

SATURDAY 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Communicating Blessing (CCU), Room 211
Marc and Lisa Honorat, Haiti ARISE Ministries
We go on missions. We want to be a blessing to the foreign people groups we are going to meet. But culture and language barriers often hinder our efforts if we are not well prepared. How can we communicate God’s message without hurting the people we are going to help?

Movements: Lead Meetings that Disciple Others to Win and Disciple (LC), Room 303
Robby Butler, Mission Network
Learn and practice a simple, enjoyable, reproducible pattern for leading groups that empower participants to multiply. One of five simple steps toward producing multiple generations of reproducing disciples.

BAM (Bring A Meal): Building Relationships with the Homeless (LC), Room 304
Norman Hummel, Seattle Union Gospel Mission
Learn how just a simple meal can change the life of someone that is homeless. Adopt a meal once a month for a year, and over those 12 times you build a bond with those in the greatest needs in the Seattle area.

The public faces of Mormonism: What do Latter-day Saints Really Believe? (BMC), Room 310
Richard Berghammer, Saints Alive in Jesus Evangelistic Association
A panel of former Mormons discusses the present state of confusion over what today’s Mormons actually believe, and provide authoritative answers to what current LDS teachings are.

Business as Mission in response to Reaching Displaced populations (GD), Room 208
Dr. Larry Sharp, Ph.D., IBEC Ventures and Crossworld
Creating jobs linked with making followers of Jesus is in obedience to Jesus’ commands to “love your neighbor” (Great Commandment) as well as “make disciples of all nations” (Great Commission).

Immigrants Are a Blessing Not a Burden (GD), Fireside Room
Kris Van Engen, World Renew
Scripture teaches that immigrants are image-bearers and it calls us to welcome the stranger. However, when discussions about welcoming refugees or immigration reform arise, immigrants are often talked about as burdens. Join us to change the conversation.

Serve by Welcoming: Showing American Hospitality (GD), Choir Room
Sandra and Stephen Bickler, OMF
Reach the world without going abroad. Nearly one million international students are currently in the US. Help them understand what an American home is like by inviting them to yours.

Engaging the (Muslim) Nations in our Backyard (GD), High School Room
Dr. Blake Wood, Impact Middle East and First Free Methodist Church
Experienced missionary, church planter and pastor, Blake Wood, will share “best practices” and “core values” gleaned from nearly two decades of ministry among Muslims both abroad and at home.

Gospel Spreads via Mass Media to a Hungry Muslim World (OMT), Room 210
Pastor Shohrat, Global Wave Media Ministry
Muslims reject the West’s ways but love its technology. Their world overflows with turmoil; going there to evangelize is unsafe, sometimes even impossible. God uses mass media and His people to reach Muslims with the gospel.

Short-term Missions and the Local Church (OMT), Room 221
Rev. Brandon Brazee, Eastside Foursquare Church
Short-term mission teams are an effective way to engage the local church in missions and provide support and encouragement for missionaries.  Learn and discuss best-practices to develop and facilitate Short-term missions in the church.

Join a New Generation of Changemakers (OMT), Room 222
Tom Sine, Mustard Seed Associates
God is raising up a new generation who are creating innovative new ways to make a lasting difference, beyond handouts, in the lives of our most vulnerable neighbors…let’s join them!

Domestic Violence IS a Global Problem (OMT), Room 223
Lani Kallstrom, Christian Coalition for Safe Families
Domestic Violence happens to families in your church, your community and around the world.  It always leaves a path of destruction.  Learn what can be done to prevent violence and heal families.

Let the Grey Heads Arise (OMT), Room 307
Doug Nichols, Commission to Every Nation
Seniors can share the Gospel and disciple others. There are 6,000 ministry opportunities available with more than 200 mission agencies, all which can be filled by older people!

Trauma Preparation (OMT), Room 309
Dr. Jack Rozell, Ministry Resources International
Trauma: a normal human response to abnormal events. This seminar focuses on ways to deal with personal trauma and help those who are traumatized.

Top Ten Ways to Do Missions as a Second Career (OMT), Room 311
Don and Myrna Hines, China Outreach Ministries
Got skills?  Got experience?  God can use you to help reach the nations.  Learn from “second career” missionaries how to use your “first career” for eternal impact in missions.

From Parlor maid to Missionary, Gladys Aylward, Faith Heroine in China (OMT), Children’s Theater
Susie Boer, Faith Heroines Alive
Gladys Aylward was a parlor maid, dedicated to living for pleasure when God called her to China.  With incredible determination, she overcame obstacles to become one of history’s best-known missionaries.

In the Prayer Room (PR), Room 308
Focused prayer on the ministry of Chris and Natasha Lim of Theo Tech.

SATURDAY 5:30 PM – 6:30 PM

Developing Cross-Cultural Intelligence (CCU), Room 211
Patty Fleming, Honor Cultures
Understanding other cultures can be a challenge. Patty will give you tools to engage more effectively across cultures with your neighbors, international students, co-workers, and/or during mission trips.

Movements: Start Transformational Bible Studies that Multiply Disciples and Churches (LC), Room 303
Brian Turnbull, Q Place
Learn and practice facilitating Bible studies taught by the Holy Spirit and transform lives through the Power of Christ. One of five simple steps toward producing multiple generations of reproducing disciples.

Understanding Islam and sharing Jesus with Muslims (BMC), Room 310
Rev. Milad Nakhla
Islam is not only a religion.  It is both a religion and a state. You will learn what the Quran says about Jesus. Also, you will learn how you can share Jesus with Muslims.

Harnessing Global Migration to Enhance Fulfilling Christ’s Great Commission (GD0), Choir Room
Dr. Larry Stucky, WorldVenture
People are moving internationally in unprecedented numbers. Many nations and UPGs—including refugees, immigrants, and international students—now live near God’s people, bringing new potential for fulfilling the Great Commission.

Reaching the Muslim Diaspora (GD), Fireside Room
How can we reach the largest population of non-Christians in the world – Muslims?  God has brought them to our doorstep.  This seminar will present how we can reach Muslims here.

Personal Experience in Working with Syrian and Iraqi Refugees in Lebanon (GD), High School Room
Naji Abi-Hashem, Member Care International
A reflection on my experiences with a wide range of refugees and migrant groups who have recently flooded Lebanon, and with the many caregivers and volunteers, who are faithful yet exhausted in service.

Church Based Mission as Mission (OMT), Room 208
Dr. Philip Walker, International Christian Ministries and Renita Reed-Thompson
Unleash the Church by empowering every member to be a light in the marketplace.

Media Production in Missions (OMT), Room 210
Tim Cowley, ExPat Media Pro
Learn how your media skills can be used to impact the nations through missions opportunities that are desperate for people who know how to shoot, edit and run social media campaigns.

How to Evangelize with Story-Formed Worldview  (OMT), Room 304
Derek Hiebert, Western Seminary Seattle
Everyone has a unique life-story. Regardless of ethnicity or culture, they have a narrative that informs and influences their worldview. Learn how to engage their story-formed worldview with the gospel story.

Your Missionary Needs YOU! (OMT), Room 309
Lynn Paulsen, Care Port Counseling
Being a missionary is hard work! It requires a team to be effective. We will look at how church care teams can support missionaries in bringing about eternal impact.

Third Culture Kids (OMT), Room 311
Dr. Sally and Jim Conn, Ministry Resources International
Third Culture Kids (TCKs) face challenges in their lives overseas and in adjustment upon return to the US. This seminar is designed for missionaries, TCKs, and those who care about missionaries.

In the Prayer Room (PR), Room 308
Focused prayer on the refugee crisis in Europe and the ministries of Gordy and Tabitha Beck.