2 found Jesus at Missions Fest Seattle

2 found Jesus at Missions Fest Seattle

On Friday, October 7th, a group of four exchange students from China approached our booth. They had come to Mission Fest on a field trip arranged by their school. When they saw the pictures of China at our booth, they stopped and asked several questions.

I saw this as an opportunity to practice my Mandarin. I’m often curious to find out how people from China first heard about Jesus. These students said that they learned about Him when they came to the US, through their school and house parents. I realized that they had learned much about God but I wanted to find out if they had received Jesus and believed that He was the Son of God. They did not.

We spoke briefly about what it means to be a Christian. I could see that incredible seeds had been sown in their time here in the US. I could feel the Holy Spirit and felt led to ask them if they wanted to ask God to live in them.

That morning God used Mission Fest as the harvest point. Two young men in that group of exchange students prayed with us to receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

Thank you Mission Fest for giving us this awesome opportunity!

Matt Geppert
US Director

Christopher Smith


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