Comments on the conference

Comments on the conference

From Christina, 23 years old

I want to say how absolutely blessed I was by the conference. There were so many life-changing truths that I learned over the weekend. I loved all of the speakers and was just so inspired. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to all of you who put so many hours of work to make this happen.

From Mark:

I presented a session at the Friday Field trip on “The Wordless Book”, a tool I use to win children to Christ. I thought I would be teaching the students how to use it on their friends. Instead, of the 11 in my session, when I got to the invitation to accept Christ, 8 indicated that they wanted to right then! When I asked if they had ever made this decision before, they said, “No”.

From Maxine:

On Saturday evening in the children’s program, when I asked if any of the children wanted to accept Christ, 3 indicated that they did.

Christopher Smith

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