Dr. Emerson E. Falls Speaker

Dr. Emerson E. Falls Speaker

Dr. Emerson E. Falls – Pastor, Glorieta Baptist Church, Oklahoma City, OK, and President of the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma.

Dr. Emerson Falls is a second generation Christian. Although raised in a Christian home, he did not become a Christian until his late teens. Dr. Falls is of Sac, Fox, and Choctaw Native heritage. When he left home, he met other Native people who believed that to accept Christ was to reject their Native ways.

He struggled with this, and after a period of rebellion, he realized he was much happier when attending the small Native Church and serving Christ. His life verse is John 15:16. This is what he says about that verse:

“It says to me that I have been chosen by God’s grace to bear fruit for Him. I don’t know why God would choose me, but I’m glad He did. Out of my gratitude for all that the Lord has done in my life, I want to keep my life focused upon those things that will bear fruit.”

Emerson Falls has served as Pastor of Glorieta Baptist Church, a predominantly Native American church, Oklahoma City, OK, since June, 2003. Previously he has served as pastor of churches in California, Arizona, and Colorado. Dr. Falls was the Director of the Rocky Mountain Campus of Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary in Denver, CO, and President of Cook College and Theological School before coming to Glorieta. He earned the Doctor of Ministry degree from Golden Gate in May, 1995.

Dr. Falls was elected as President of the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma in 2008, becoming the first Native American to hold this position. He is also the President of the Fellowship of Native American Christians.
He and his wife Shirley have one son, Rendon, and one daughter, Shera. They are both involved in ministry.

Dr. Henry Blackaby told him that he had been praying for a spiritual awakening in our nation and that he believes God will bring such an awakening beginning with Native Americans. Dr. Emerson’s ministry has been re-directed towards this vision, as he has a passion to experience spiritual awakening.

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