Plan this vacation trip?

Plan this vacation trip?

Nah! We’ll just start driving and see where we end up. On the other hand, maybe we better have a plan.  God does.  For the world, and for us here.  But what is it?  How can I figure out what He is doing in the tumult of tsunamis and the Arab Spring with its freedom eruptions?  Or through worldwide poverty.  What does God want me to do about that?  Or should I concentrate on my friends and family?  I want to do something, but what?  How do I get a global perspective while making my life count right here where I live as a “good and faithful servant?”

Dr. Gordon Donoho, President/CEO of Christians in Action working in 22 countries of the world will share his experience in October.  Potential re-directions for followers of Jesus who care for those anywhere looking for hope.

Dr. Gordon Donoho will be presenting his seminar, Thinking Globally – Acting Locally on Friday, 4:00 – 5:00pm in room 222AB.

Christopher Smith

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