Thank you for a wonderful Missions Fest!

Thank you for a wonderful Missions Fest!

“Thank you for a wonderful Missions Fest! What a spirit of unity there seemed to be “nearly” every where I turned. The music was heavenly, the Speakers were anointed, so many were touched and I’m certain that the Lord is already calling “laborers, for the harvest is plenty!”

The Lord has blessed and His Name was exalted beyond all measure. May He continue to guide and direct, give strength and wisdom as you press on toward 2012 to get His mind on who He will bring as Speakers and where He wants to gather those who will come to hear.

Thanks for letting me be apart of it all. I know Roy was looking down from Heaven and had a big smile on his heart. I was honored to help in what I know was a very small way. It was just all a touch from our Savior and to Him be the glory, both now and forever. Amen!”

Missions Fest Seattle conference attendee

Christopher Smith

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