This is Crazy

This is Crazy

This is crazy—using the HIV/AIDS epidemic to bring two huge Christian Ethiopian denominations together who have fought each other for 100 years! But then Tim Teusink, MD, patched up both Tutsis and Hutus in Rwanda in his operating room for several years during the ethnic slaughter. So he knows something about reconciliation. He believes in miracles. But teaching human value, sexuality and marriage to seminarians, the future leaders of 80 million people, protestant and orthodox, draws people together as never before. What can we learn about reaching out as Jesus taught, to our own “Samaritans,” also people made in His image? Find out in October what God has done through Tim.

Tim Teusink, M.D. (SIM) will be presenting his seminar, Mobilizing the Church for HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care on Saturday, 12:30 – 1:30pm in room 406.

Christopher Smith

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